Style: Pottering in ditsy print & buttons


It's been a long time since I chatted about outfits I wear on this blog because the truth is I have always been so relaxed about what I wear. Since I was a little girl I'd have one favourite outfit and wear it until it has holes in, really. And I've never really had 'a style'. I just throw on what's comfy and normally really basic.

Fifi McGee Alfriston

New clothes haven't been on my 'want' list since my uni years, when I first started going out with Neil. But strangely in the last few months I've found myself pinning outfits, shopping around for affordable and staple items and asking my friends for shop recommendations again. 

I think I'm a long way from 'finding a style' and will always just throw on something that's simple, but my new aim is to freshen up my wardrobe for the first time in ages, with some basic pieces I feel nice pottering around in. Starting with this blue ditsy print midi dress.

Fifi McGee Ditsy Print Midi Dress

Dress, eBay // Bag, I picked up in America last year // Sandals, New Look last year

Fifi McGee in Alfriston, Brighton Blogger

It's the sort of dress I can literally do everything in. Nip to the shops, water the plants, do some baking... and the deep pockets are perfect to chuck my phone in when I'm not instagramming. Not that I choose my attire around Instagram ;)

What do you tend to splash your cash on? For me, it's on trinkets for the house rather than things for myself, as I get much more enjoyment out of making our house a happy place, rather than dressing myself well, but I think it's time I treated myself to a few things I feel nice in. 

If you can recommend any shops I am all ears! 

Fifi xoxo