Styling the house for my Sister's Gender Reveal | Get together, Portmeirion

gender reveal party, portmeirion

It's not often me and my family get the chance to get together and celebrate, so last weekend when I knew my sister Caroline and her husband Johnny were visiting to announce the gender of their healthy baby to us, I really wanted to make it the special occasion it was for everyone, one that we’ll remember for years to come, and tell the baby about when he/she grows older.

gender reveal party
Styling a gender reveal party
Portmeirion Colour Pop plates

I should tell you that Caroline and Johnny already knew the gender of their baby, our immediate family didn't. So they came down from London to announce to me, Neil, my ma, and Nan.

It was so lovely preparing this day for my family to share together.

I must have spent the whole week planning the food, drinks, decorations and ordered a beautiful cake stand and colourful plates and tea cups by Sophie Conran for Portmeirion to mark the moment.

How I styled my sister’s gender reveal gathering

gender reveal party, portmeirion

Styling up the house for a gender reveal was one of the most exciting mini-projects I’ve done for ages. I found myself getting home after a long day at work feeling tired but quickly chirping up by getting absorbed in this personal project that meant so much to me, thinking about the details that would make the day special for my family.

I started with decorations, and kept things simple with a palette of blue and pink pastel paper decorations from Hobbycraft, to hang across the doors, chimney breast and in little corners of the downstairs to catch people’s eye with pink and blue colour.

gender reveal decorations
portmeirion, gender reveal party

For the announcement itself, my sister ordered a cake, baked by her friend’s sister in London, which was every bit as delicious as it was beautiful! Inside the sponge was coloured in blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

Knowing this cake would be the most important part of the gathering (as cake always is! But in this case more so!) I had to have plates and a cake stand to do it justice. I ordered Sophie Conran for Portmeirion’s Colour Pop Assorted Plates, which are a delightful pastel plate set, just perfect for the occasion.

plate set from portmeirion
cake stand, sophie conran, portmeirion
gender reveal cake

The ripple effect that runs through Sophie Conran’s pottery ranges for Portmeirion give them a unique, characterful charm, and the fresh assorted colours mean I can use them again and again for all sorts of gatherings and when friends pop over for a cuppa.

styling a gender reveal party
styling gender reveal ideas

In all my baking years, I can’t believe I’ve never owned a cake stand. What better excuse to get one, I thought! The gender reveal cake was able to stand proudly with the rest of the party food, ready for the reveal. It’s the Sophie Conran for Portmeirion’s Footed Cake Plate.

Me and my sister were chatting about how lovely it’s going to be using this very cake stand to put her baby’s birthday cakes on year after year, so I gave it to her as a keepsake :)

gender reveal party ideas
gender reveal party food ideas
pink tea cups
party food ideas
strawberries party food

I kept the food simple. Sandwiches, strawberries, Neil’s home made sausage rolls (which always go down well with my family) all served on Sophie Conran for Portmeirion’s Colour Pop Assorted side plates, and this beautiful ripple effect heart shaped bowl, by Sophie Conran for Portmeirion.

I ordered these very cute Colour Pop Tea Cups by Sophie Conran for Portmeirion, dipped in Pink… Hoping it would sway the reveal ;)

Neil's home made sausage rolls
Neil's home made sausage rolls
Fifi McGee Brand Ambassador Portmeirion

So the moment came… we all placed our bets, a boy was the prediction. And guess what?

gender reveal cake
gender reveal cake
gender reveal cake - it's a girl

It’s a girl!!!

I couldn’t stop jumping for joy when I saw that pink sponge. A moment we’ll never forget. We’re all so happy for my sister and brother-in-law!

We toasted with a fresh glass of Elderflower Fizz and I spent the rest of the night looking at little girl baby clothes online..!

gender reveal party
happy moments
gender reveal cake it's a girl

Mum, Caroline, can’t wait to properly go baby clothes shopping with you!!

Thank you for reading about a day I won’t forget for a long, long time.

The #GetTogether Campaign

I simply love Portmeirion’s #GetTogether campaign. When they heard that only a surprising 39% of families ate dinner together regularly, they began their mission to get more families getting together and creating more moments to remember.

I’m delighted to have been gifted items from Portmeirion for our gathering. I’ve featured Portmeirion on my blog lots before as I adore this brand, their pottery and ethos in celebrating life’s special moments, so highly recommend you pay them a wee visit if you’re on the market for some special items for your gatherings.

Share your special moment with the hashtag #GetTogether, and thank you again for reading this!

Fifi (+ Neil, Caroline, Johnny + Mama McGee) xoxo

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