Meet our new mattress, Eve | Review

Eve mattress review

She has arrived. In September I spoke about my

need for a new mattress

. After a long google around (procrastination session) I realised the reason my sleep was a bit shoddy was because our mattress was so old and lumpy. I'd never really considered it before until it dawned on me, yep, we needed to shell out on a new mattress before my sleep will improve. I spotted Eve online and was intrigued, now I'm here to share my thoughts.

Why I opted for Eve

As I mentioned in my previous post, there were 5 core things that have led me to opt for an Eve mattress as opposed to a Dreams mattress - the brand we had before. I'll run through them again.

1. When I first hit up the website it quickly dawned on me that Eve sell only one mattress. The only one we will ever need, they say. It made me trust the design process fully. When crafting this mattress, their focus was on making every single part of it the best it can be, no shortcuts or things that were compromised because it had to cater for different materials or springs etc. It left me thinking, damn, this must be good if it's the only one they sell. 

2. Eve is delivered within 5 working days. Brilliant, I thought. Only 5 more days of crappy sleep, no waiting around a whole 10 weeks like those darn DFS sofas. Speed is everything when I buy online. I also loved how I didn't have to cart it home from a shop, imagine the hilarity putting a double mattress on a roof rack the size of a 2p?

3. The price was in the right range for me. I didn't want anything too cheap. A mattress is an investment you'll be glad you considered heavily rather than rushing and having to spend the same amount again 3 years down the line. Similarly, it wasn't too expensive either. I've seen some that reach the thousand mark - say WHAT. 

4. Eve mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years whereas we only had our Dreams mattress (the one before it) for 8. And even on reflection, I realise we should have replaced it a lot sooner. 

5. I loved the sunshine yellow around the base. What a lovely thing to wake up to (when not covered by a valance sheet)

So we took the plunge.

The setup

After we put our order in, I only had to wait about 2-3 days for the delivery confirmation and was called by a lovely Eve representative to arrange a window to deliver the mattress in. 


Really prompt delivery meant I had enough hours left in the day to potter around town to look around for bed sheets to adorn it!

Eve mattress review

The mattress arrived in a cardboard box that looked so small, I couldn't believe a double mattress fit inside it. It was SUPER heavy. I was sweating buckets just shifting it from our front door to the bedroom and unpacking it. Thankfully we have no stairs. I'd recommend getting the delivery men to bring it up stairs for you if you're planning on buying one. 

I unwrapped it all which took no time at all, popped it on the bed and rolled the memory foam mattress out which expanded before my eyes, to about triple the thickness it was rolled to. After a quick cuppa tea I popped out for a while, came back a few hours later and the Eve was looking full and beautiful on the bed.

Thoughts after 1 week's Eve sleep

I feel like it was the best investment of my time I've ever made getting this mattress. I once had really interrupted sleep, but from day 1 with Eve, I haven't woken up at all during the night (apart from when a fox started howling in our garden!)

Eve mattress review

The memory foam really works for me. I can feel it moulding to my sleeping position taking pressure off certain places that the previous mattress (a pocket sprung) didn't. I've discovered that if you share a bed with someone who moves a lot in their sleep, having a memory foam Eve mattress is a really good choice because you can't feel the bed moving. Well, not much anyway. It's sturdier than a pocket sprung mattress, but comfortable too. 

My favourite thing about the mattress, aside from the colour obviously, is it's thickness. Our old mattress was pretty light and thin. We've kept the same bed frame and having the thicker Eve mattress has given a new height to the bed. I love it. It's about 2-3 inches higher than our old bed and I feel like it fits the frame in an all rounded way. 

My frame, by the way, is a standard UK double I purchased from Dunelm Mill about 4 years ago that's not selling there now. They sell the exact same for double the price in Dreams now. It's the Cadiz Bed Frame and I love it. 

Eve mattress review

Back to the mattress. See that polka sorta material on the top of it? It's a removable lining *hallelujah folks* the lining is machine washable! Genius idea. I haven't tried unzipping it all yet, but I think I'll wash it in a few weeks time as it has a very memory foam smell to it - as do all new mattresses. 

All in all though, I'm delighted with it and hope to have 10 more years worth of happy sleeps in it. Thank goodness this mattress exists! I've pimped out my whole bed since and got some really cushy things from Slumberdown to make it as cosy as it can be. A quilted mattress protector (which I'm yet to add to the bed to try out) and a new winter warm duvet and pillows for the cooler months coming in. I wanted the Goose down duvet as I've never had one and have heard people raving about them but alas it was a wee bit out of my price range. Absolutely dying to try Goose down though, how sad am I?

See my gorgeous bedding there by the way? It's from Bohzaar. A new bohemian brand I love which will be featured on my blog super soon so stay tuned if you're into boho interior looks, you'll LOVE their stock as much as I do. Oh yep, and in the background there you'll see my night time stash of Lindt chocolates on the bedside table. They've got limited edition orange chocolate truffles in for when I'm peckish around midnight. It happens.

What do you make of the new mattress then? Do you like the colour too?

Fi xoxo

Bedroom makeover update: we need a new bed, pronto!

You spend A WHOLE THIRD of your life in bed

Can you believe that?! Add on more if like me, you use your bed for watching telly, working from home in your pjs or reading magazines. Then we're talking at least 50% of your life in bed ;)
For the past 6 months and actually since we started redecorating our bedroom (read more about our progress here and here), I've noticed my sleep has progressively worsened. It was only slight changes at first. I woke up feeling like I'd had 2 hours sleep instead of 8. But more recently, I've been waking up periodically throughout the night tossing and turning, finding it increasingly more difficult to turn off and drift off. 
I live the least stressful life possible therefore I couldn't brush it off as just a stressful phase. So I did a little bit of digging around online and discovered my bad sleep could be down to this single factor that I thought I'd pass on to you guys in case you're having similar sleep disruption like I was. 
Seriously, I'm 90% certain this is the reason my sleep has worsened. 
And if I'm wrong? Well there's only one way to find out.

If your mattress is more than 7 years old, it could be seriously effecting your quality of sleep

I read somewhere that having your mattress for over 7 years and/or if your mattress shows signs of general wear and tear it's time to invest in a newbie. Cue alarm bells ringing. Our mattress we bought new in 2007. It's a pocket sprung dreams mattress which has served us well in terms of comfort, but more recently it's decided to make pinging noises every time I sit down on it and in places you can feel its age. I initially thought it had 2 more years in it at the very least, but it wasn't until I stopped to think about what my sleep was like this time last year, that I thought, yep, it could be down to my uncomfortable mattress that my sleep is worsening. 

So as of now folks, I'm on the market for a new, comfortable mattress, and given we spend a third of our lives in bed (or half our lives if you're anything like me!) I'm ready to make a significant investment in the mattress we choose to purchase. I stand by "buy cheap, buy twice".  

I've been googling around reading reviews to suss out which mattress is best for us. Whilst I'm tempted to opt for a pocket sprung Dreams mattress again, I just can't justify having a mattress with springs at the risk of them going all lumpy a few years in, when memory foam seems to be a much safer bet moulding to your body better than a sprung mattress - and you don't feel your other half turning around as much when you're asleep.

My googling around brought me to a lot of talk about the Eve mattress online, and even though it can only be bought from their website (you can't actually try it out before you buy) I'm really tempted to go for it for several reasons. Let me share:

1. The company only make one mattress. That means they've thrown everything they've got into making the best mattress it can be as opposed to creating variations. 

2. It comes delivered in a box. Therefore no awkwardness trying to squish a mattress into a tiny Peugeot 107.

3. It's a reasonable price. Not too expensive, but not too cheap either, and it's made with care in the UK, meaning if we were to own one, somewhere our custom has helped an independent business continue to do work they love.

4. It's guaranteed for 10 years. In your face 7.

5. It's got the happiest, sunshine yellow lining I've ever seen on a bed and simply need to wake up to this on a daily basis.

What's not to like? 

Side note: I totally love their branding. 

I'm hesitant at the fact I haven't been able to try it out first though, it's not like how I'd usually buy a mattress, to a certain extent I feel like I'm taking a punt but luckily Eve offer a 100 day guarantee so that if you don't like it, I can return it free of charge. 

So that's where I'm at on the bedroom redecoration front. I thought I'd share my thoughts on it all as buying a mattress can be a pretty big investment especially if the company you're buying from has no clear refund policy. 

I'll keep you posted on our new Eve mattress once it arrives :)

F x

Ps, how cute are my new bed sheets? They're from Bohzaar's collection which I am hooked on. I love their Moroccan / folk pattern vibes. I'll be talking about their brand more in future posts :)

A bed so cosy you'll never want to leave the house again

Bedroom looks on

You may have read my post "Do you have this problem too?" where I shared the story why I'm creating a little black book of interior stockists I love - I encourage you to go read it first and come back here to check out my next in the series, but if you can't be assed, just stick around.

I'm in need of a new bed. Check out our current one here and here.

It's okay, it's just a tad uninviting and doesn't go with our period traditional look throughout our home, it's too basic. 
We've recently revamped our room with a Summer Gray wash of Valspar paint and lots of white accessories (similar colour scheme above) so for a while now, I've been on the hunt for bedroom furnishings that sing to me in similar shades.

Just take a look at The French Bedroom Company's style and you'll understand why I feel like I've struck gold. Seriously.Every home furnishing, bed cover and accessory has that luxurious, fresh vibe that channels traditional with a modern touch, just the vibe I've been looking for in my bedroom.

Bedroom looks on

The French Bedroom Company's website is going straight in my little black book of interior stockists. 

Bedroom looks on so the beds are a little out of my price range, but as I mentioned in this post, similar to a sofa, a good bed is the next best investment you'll make in your life. It's worth splashing on one you love. Buy cheap, buy twice. 

I couldn't help but throw in my favourite item of the store. This ornate white stag head which would sit beautifully on a chimney breast or inside an alcove.

I always think 3D art like this is a brave choice for rooms, but having strong pieces and taking risks in decor with statement pieces pays off.

At just £40 it's a steal. Or go a little larger for £55. I'm seriously considering this to jazz up our room.

Not only do The French Bedroom Company stock beautiful beds, bedding and headboards, they do room accessories pretty damn well too. This is the place to look for statement pieces, from chandeliers to mirrors. Those pieces that everyone compliments when they enter the room.

So yeah, check out The French Bedroom Company if you're about to embark on a bedroom makeover.

Affordable ways I'm updating my bedding for Spring

Spring bedding interior looks

I've got three main bedding looks I'll be alternating for a Spring feel.  

1. A crisp, grey palette with accent patterns for a minimal look (and Lindt chocolate bunnies to jazz it up, ha!)
2. Something a little more retro (and unusual for me) to give a focal point to the room.
3. And a spring green, brushed cotton gingham for a floral, girly look. 

We've not lived in our flat in Hove for long, less than a year, so we haven't yet got round to decorating every room the way we want it. In fact, we've just (kinda) finished the living room so we're slowly but surely piecing ideas together for how we want to decorate our bedroom next. Hoping to share some of our ideas on here in coming weeks with before and after pictures :)

For now though, I switch up looks by changing the bedding. I guess it's a temporary way for me to make an unfinished space look more appealing, and doing this buys me some time to think about how I want it to look once we redecorate. I can also experiment with colours and soft furnishings to see what works. 

Anyway, I found some really impressive and affordable bedding options to fulfil my 3 spring looks I want to achieve, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Spring bedding interior looks

 1. Crisp greys & accent patterned pillows

I've always loved the minimal look for bedrooms. My dream pinterest bedroom would be filled with grey textured duvets, white furry blankets and earthy tones for a clean backdrop to floral cushions. 

The bedding above is my failsafe, it's the same I've had for a while. M&S stripe duvet set with aztec pillowcases from Primark (a bargainous £3 for a pair) and my favourite herringbone blanket - I love Primark for the odd interior find. 

It's light, airy and perfect for Spring. But for the times I want a bit more colour, I'll opt for the following two.

Spring bedding interior looks

Spring bedding interior looks

2. Warmer hues & a retro vibe

I'll let you have three guesses where this bedding set is from. The colours resemble the trend Anthropologie are going for this season (burnt orange, duck egg & navy blues) yet this set is a fraction of the cost. 

It's straight from Aldi's new 'Specialbuys' Bedroom range (in stores 12th March while stock lasts). At just £12.99, it's a lot cheaper than the bedding I've bought in M&S (above) and Home Sense (below) and arguably looks the nicest of the three. What do you think?

To introduce yet more colour, I've popped on a purple fitted sheet, also from Aldi's specialbuys range (just £4.99) - I feel like the first look is so bland in comparison, but it's great to have versatility. 

I plan to purchase some round and rectangle orange and blue cushions to sit by the pillows.

Spring bedding interior looks

Spring bedding interior looks

3. Gingham & pastels

This final bedding set, I LOVE. It comes with it's imperfections though, but I've been on the lookout for a small gingham checked brushed cotton bedding set for so long now, and when I found this in Home Sense (it's actually by Helena Springfield) I knew it had to be mine. 

The set came without pillows, so I had to purchase a pack separately. I stupidly thought there were 2 pillows in one pack, got home only to find there was just one in each, now I'm devastated to have 2 mismatched pillows, but I guess you can tell whose side is who's. I'll forever be on the hunt for the matching pair.

Helena Springfield bedding sets tend to be around the £45 mark for just the duvet cover, but in Home Sense I got this for £24.99 and each pillowcase £2.99 each. Bargains. I love this bedding so much. It really doesn't wash well though, it's slightly bobbly on the reverse, and even when I iron it it still looks creased. 

So as a round up, if you're looking to update your bedding on the cheap for Spring, I'd say:

- First head to Primark. Pick up some patterned pillowcases in pastel colours, and cushions!
- Secondly consider bright statement sheets, Aldi's range are even cheaper than Primark's.
- And lastly, look around for reduced brushed cotton sets. Home Sense is the best for luxury items at reduced prices, but if you're more of an online shopper, I recently discovered good quality bedding from Yorkshire Linen that are super cute and affordable. 

Hopefully next time I blog about my bedroom, I'll be able to tell you some of the concrete plans we have to brighten up the space. 

Can't wait :)

Credits: Photography all mine, post in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen (content 100% original)

Curl up, it's 4 sleeps until Christmas!

Can you believe Christmas day is almost upon us?

I've spent the weekend wrapping presents listening to cheesy Christmas tunes and drinking red wine way too early in the day. Feeling very festive indeed :)

Our front room looks a bit like Santa's grotto at the mo; we've gone all out on decorations, logs in the fireplace, bauble filled vases, the lot. It's looking really special, so I decided to keep the rest of my place looking less festive but still cosy with splashes of bright colours here and there so as not to take away from the christmas-chic room.

I thought I'd share our new bedding from Argos' range with you. I try to freshen up the look of our room quite regularly by changing the cushions, blankets and duvet covers, and over the past few weeks I just haven't been able to get enough of the colour mustard, so when I saw these cushions and knew they had to be mine.

Argos wouldn't usually be the first place I look for cosy bits and bobs but they've recently collaborated with Habitat and have the NICEST range of bedding available. Have a little look here. I think these cushions will look fab from Winter to Spring, and I paired them with some simple crisp grey sheets so the colour pops. 

What do you think? :)

They were bargains too! £12 each for the floral cushions £4.99 for the poppy red cushion, £7 for the Habitat geometric pillowcase and just £10.99 for the grey double duvet set crazy good value.