15 ways to affordably take your bedroom from summer to autumn

15 ways to affordably take your bedroom from summer to autumn

Whilst I'll miss all the sun, BBQs, prancing around the house in vest tops and shorts and all the al fresco G&Ts Summer brings, there's part of me that's looking forward to getting home and decorating our house ready for the Autumn. Here's 15 budget ways I'm turning my bedroom from crisp to cosy. 

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5 upholstered beds I can't choose between

5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung

... and 1 company who stocks them all

I shared my bedroom mood board a few weeks ago. Cash is a little bit tight but I mentioned I'm on the lookout for an upholstered bed for a cosier feel that's more comfortable than the metal frame we currently have, and something that fits within a grey colour scheme. 
I've found a really great place to buy a bed frame, that allows you to choose the size and fabric you want, choose the base you want and choose the feet. It's essentially creating your own dream bed, for the same price you'd spend on a regular bed could have had to compromise on in some way. 
The site is Button + Sprung, you might have heard about their pocket sprung mattresses which they're more widely known for.
Here are 5 of their upholstered beds I'm loving.
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
1. Lily Double Bedstead, £725
I love how there's a little room underneath the bed for a small amount of storage. I chose the Dove, Contemporary Plain Texture material with Walnut feet for a simple style that a variety of bed linen colours would look good on (very important for an interior blogger!)
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
2. Poppy Double Bedstead, £695
This has a much more sturdy look to it than the Lily bedstead above. It doesn't have a rolled back headboard meaning it'll sit flush against the wall leaving more space at the base. I've chosen Argent velvet for this one, to add a bit of luxury where the shape is lacking. 
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
3. Eliza Double Bedstead, £695
A braver choice in fabric and shape. This is the Pistachio Contemporary Plain Texture fabric that I think would bring a really vibrant look to our grey scheme. I'm not sure whether I'll grow sick of the colour through time, but yet I always go for safe options. Maybe it's worth the risk?
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
4. Burdock Double Bedstead, £645
A more muted coloured fabric this time in 'Corn' and very basic shape, meaning I can dress it up any which way I like for photo shoots. I prefer buttons on the headboard but for sake of versatility and shooting different looks, sometimes less is more. The colour would tie in well with the grey scheme too without being too 'woah there' like the Eliza above. 
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
5. Peony Double Bedstead, £745
What I love about this, which the similar Poppy lacks in, are the ornate looking legs. Lots of the beds on Button and Sprung have basic chunky legs, whereas I like a little more detail. This one is in velvet too and I think of all of them, ticks the right boxes for my needs. It's still very 'safe' though.
Which bed would you choose?
Fi xoxo

An interior brand I love: Bohzaar

Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››
I'm on a mission to introduce you to some of the UK's cutest interior stockists. Whether you're an interior stylist, budding interior assistant or just love finding home decoration sites to spruce up your home, keep an eye on this feature.

I'm working hard to collect a little black book with a list of favourite shops, so that for ANY interior look you want to achieve, all that's needed is a glance through my little black book to know where you'll find the goods to create your dream rooms. 

Last time I shared with you a brand I've been leaning towards to source sentimental art for the home.
This week, let me introduce a brand who is the sole reason behind my new found love for the  bohemian trend, and why I've changed my whole bedroom plans because of their  beautiful bedding and cushions. 

Hello, Bohzaar.

I'll allow you to click on their site for two secs to fall in love with their stock too, but make sure you  come back here as soon as poss to see how I'm incorporating their gorgeous bedding in my room. There's plenty of time for shopping, umming and ahhing later ;)

Bohzaar KNOW how to rock the bohemian trend.  I think you'll agree.

I initially wanted a minimalist look in our new bedroom (which is currently in the slow  process of decoration between blogging  + working) but after sharing my first phase before  + after look I realised  I needed more pattern and personality within the room. 

It was looking a bit 2 dimensional, flat and needed some pattern and texture to add depth. So I came up with a 'Minimalist Boho' theme to incorporate my love for simplicity with splashes of pattern. Totally trying to  trend set here  - there is no such thing as 'boho minimalism' obvs... but it will soon be a 'thing' ha.
It was looking through Bohzaar's site that gave me this realisation. Don't you just love it when an interior shop or website gives you that 'a-ha' moment and you finally have a shop that stocks everything you need?

Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››

What stood out to me, and really appealed to my personality, was Bohzaar's fabric ranges. I've spent a long long time trawling the internet for small but detailed print paisley-esque bedding for my previous place. It feels good have finally found the  home of boho bedding.
The blue paisley patterns would mix well with cool tones on your bedroom walls for a relaxing atmosphere, whereas the striking  Ikat Kerela range in all different colours would sit beautifully in a scandi inspired bedroom. I sometimes dislike the scandinavian look for it's lack of colour, it can be a bit stark and limited to monochrome, so if you're after something a bit brighter to fit within a modern/scandi/ikea theme, check out the  Ikat Kerela in Orange base. A nice warm fabric to cosy up what is usually quite a cold, minimal style. 
What did I end up opting for?

It was a real toss up between the  ZigZag Grey Duvet cover as I'm going for a grey/white theme in our bedroom, and the  Bohemian Sundara  duvet and pillowcases.  You can see exactly which ones I chose and they are by far my most favourite bed sheets I've ever owned (and that's a LOT of bed sheets). 
Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››

Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››
They wash really well and with a spray of my new best friend Crease Release when they're drying they don't wrinkle too much - perfect for photo shoots!

Do you like?  Pay Bohzaar a visit ›› www.bohzaar.co.uk

Fi xoxo

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Meet our new mattress, Eve | Review

Eve mattress review

She has arrived. In September I spoke about my

need for a new mattress

. After a long google around (procrastination session) I realised the reason my sleep was a bit shoddy was because our mattress was so old and lumpy. I'd never really considered it before until it dawned on me, yep, we needed to shell out on a new mattress before my sleep will improve. I spotted Eve online and was intrigued, now I'm here to share my thoughts.

Why I opted for Eve

As I mentioned in my previous post, there were 5 core things that have led me to opt for an Eve mattress as opposed to a Dreams mattress - the brand we had before. I'll run through them again.

1. When I first hit up the website it quickly dawned on me that Eve sell only one mattress. The only one we will ever need, they say. It made me trust the design process fully. When crafting this mattress, their focus was on making every single part of it the best it can be, no shortcuts or things that were compromised because it had to cater for different materials or springs etc. It left me thinking, damn, this must be good if it's the only one they sell. 

2. Eve is delivered within 5 working days. Brilliant, I thought. Only 5 more days of crappy sleep, no waiting around a whole 10 weeks like those darn DFS sofas. Speed is everything when I buy online. I also loved how I didn't have to cart it home from a shop, imagine the hilarity putting a double mattress on a roof rack the size of a 2p?

3. The price was in the right range for me. I didn't want anything too cheap. A mattress is an investment you'll be glad you considered heavily rather than rushing and having to spend the same amount again 3 years down the line. Similarly, it wasn't too expensive either. I've seen some that reach the thousand mark - say WHAT. 

4. Eve mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years whereas we only had our Dreams mattress (the one before it) for 8. And even on reflection, I realise we should have replaced it a lot sooner. 

5. I loved the sunshine yellow around the base. What a lovely thing to wake up to (when not covered by a valance sheet)

So we took the plunge.

The setup

After we put our order in, I only had to wait about 2-3 days for the delivery confirmation and was called by a lovely Eve representative to arrange a window to deliver the mattress in. 


Really prompt delivery meant I had enough hours left in the day to potter around town to look around for bed sheets to adorn it!

Eve mattress review

The mattress arrived in a cardboard box that looked so small, I couldn't believe a double mattress fit inside it. It was SUPER heavy. I was sweating buckets just shifting it from our front door to the bedroom and unpacking it. Thankfully we have no stairs. I'd recommend getting the delivery men to bring it up stairs for you if you're planning on buying one. 

I unwrapped it all which took no time at all, popped it on the bed and rolled the memory foam mattress out which expanded before my eyes, to about triple the thickness it was rolled to. After a quick cuppa tea I popped out for a while, came back a few hours later and the Eve was looking full and beautiful on the bed.

Thoughts after 1 week's Eve sleep

I feel like it was the best investment of my time I've ever made getting this mattress. I once had really interrupted sleep, but from day 1 with Eve, I haven't woken up at all during the night (apart from when a fox started howling in our garden!)

Eve mattress review

The memory foam really works for me. I can feel it moulding to my sleeping position taking pressure off certain places that the previous mattress (a pocket sprung) didn't. I've discovered that if you share a bed with someone who moves a lot in their sleep, having a memory foam Eve mattress is a really good choice because you can't feel the bed moving. Well, not much anyway. It's sturdier than a pocket sprung mattress, but comfortable too. 

My favourite thing about the mattress, aside from the colour obviously, is it's thickness. Our old mattress was pretty light and thin. We've kept the same bed frame and having the thicker Eve mattress has given a new height to the bed. I love it. It's about 2-3 inches higher than our old bed and I feel like it fits the frame in an all rounded way. 

My frame, by the way, is a standard UK double I purchased from Dunelm Mill about 4 years ago that's not selling there now. They sell the exact same for double the price in Dreams now. It's the Cadiz Bed Frame and I love it. 

Eve mattress review

Back to the mattress. See that polka sorta material on the top of it? It's a removable lining *hallelujah folks* the lining is machine washable! Genius idea. I haven't tried unzipping it all yet, but I think I'll wash it in a few weeks time as it has a very memory foam smell to it - as do all new mattresses. 

All in all though, I'm delighted with it and hope to have 10 more years worth of happy sleeps in it. Thank goodness this mattress exists! I've pimped out my whole bed since and got some really cushy things from Slumberdown to make it as cosy as it can be. A quilted mattress protector (which I'm yet to add to the bed to try out) and a new winter warm duvet and pillows for the cooler months coming in. I wanted the Goose down duvet as I've never had one and have heard people raving about them but alas it was a wee bit out of my price range. Absolutely dying to try Goose down though, how sad am I?

See my gorgeous bedding there by the way? It's from Bohzaar. A new bohemian brand I love which will be featured on my blog super soon so stay tuned if you're into boho interior looks, you'll LOVE their stock as much as I do. Oh yep, and in the background there you'll see my night time stash of Lindt chocolates on the bedside table. They've got limited edition orange chocolate truffles in for when I'm peckish around midnight. It happens.

What do you make of the new mattress then? Do you like the colour too?

Fi xoxo

Bedroom makeover update: we need a new bed, pronto!

You spend A WHOLE THIRD of your life in bed

Can you believe that?! Add on more if like me, you use your bed for watching telly, working from home in your pjs or reading magazines. Then we're talking at least 50% of your life in bed ;)
For the past 6 months and actually since we started redecorating our bedroom (read more about our progress here and here), I've noticed my sleep has progressively worsened. It was only slight changes at first. I woke up feeling like I'd had 2 hours sleep instead of 8. But more recently, I've been waking up periodically throughout the night tossing and turning, finding it increasingly more difficult to turn off and drift off. 
I live the least stressful life possible therefore I couldn't brush it off as just a stressful phase. So I did a little bit of digging around online and discovered my bad sleep could be down to this single factor that I thought I'd pass on to you guys in case you're having similar sleep disruption like I was. 
Seriously, I'm 90% certain this is the reason my sleep has worsened. 
And if I'm wrong? Well there's only one way to find out.

If your mattress is more than 7 years old, it could be seriously effecting your quality of sleep

I read somewhere that having your mattress for over 7 years and/or if your mattress shows signs of general wear and tear it's time to invest in a newbie. Cue alarm bells ringing. Our mattress we bought new in 2007. It's a pocket sprung dreams mattress which has served us well in terms of comfort, but more recently it's decided to make pinging noises every time I sit down on it and in places you can feel its age. I initially thought it had 2 more years in it at the very least, but it wasn't until I stopped to think about what my sleep was like this time last year, that I thought, yep, it could be down to my uncomfortable mattress that my sleep is worsening. 

So as of now folks, I'm on the market for a new, comfortable mattress, and given we spend a third of our lives in bed (or half our lives if you're anything like me!) I'm ready to make a significant investment in the mattress we choose to purchase. I stand by "buy cheap, buy twice".  

I've been googling around reading reviews to suss out which mattress is best for us. Whilst I'm tempted to opt for a pocket sprung Dreams mattress again, I just can't justify having a mattress with springs at the risk of them going all lumpy a few years in, when memory foam seems to be a much safer bet moulding to your body better than a sprung mattress - and you don't feel your other half turning around as much when you're asleep.

My googling around brought me to a lot of talk about the Eve mattress online, and even though it can only be bought from their website (you can't actually try it out before you buy) I'm really tempted to go for it for several reasons. Let me share:

1. The company only make one mattress. That means they've thrown everything they've got into making the best mattress it can be as opposed to creating variations. 

2. It comes delivered in a box. Therefore no awkwardness trying to squish a mattress into a tiny Peugeot 107.

3. It's a reasonable price. Not too expensive, but not too cheap either, and it's made with care in the UK, meaning if we were to own one, somewhere our custom has helped an independent business continue to do work they love.

4. It's guaranteed for 10 years. In your face 7.

5. It's got the happiest, sunshine yellow lining I've ever seen on a bed and simply need to wake up to this on a daily basis.

What's not to like? 

Side note: I totally love their branding. 

I'm hesitant at the fact I haven't been able to try it out first though, it's not like how I'd usually buy a mattress, to a certain extent I feel like I'm taking a punt but luckily Eve offer a 100 day guarantee so that if you don't like it, I can return it free of charge. 

So that's where I'm at on the bedroom redecoration front. I thought I'd share my thoughts on it all as buying a mattress can be a pretty big investment especially if the company you're buying from has no clear refund policy. 

I'll keep you posted on our new Eve mattress once it arrives :)

F x

Ps, how cute are my new bed sheets? They're from Bohzaar's collection which I am hooked on. I love their Moroccan / folk pattern vibes. I'll be talking about their brand more in future posts :)

A bed so cosy you'll never want to leave the house again

Bedroom looks on fifimcgee.co.uk

You may have read my post "Do you have this problem too?" where I shared the story why I'm creating a little black book of interior stockists I love - I encourage you to go read it first and come back here to check out my next in the series, but if you can't be assed, just stick around.

I'm in need of a new bed. Check out our current one here and here.

It's okay, it's just a tad uninviting and doesn't go with our period traditional look throughout our home, it's too basic. 
We've recently revamped our room with a Summer Gray wash of Valspar paint and lots of white accessories (similar colour scheme above) so for a while now, I've been on the hunt for bedroom furnishings that sing to me in similar shades.

Just take a look at The French Bedroom Company's style and you'll understand why I feel like I've struck gold. Seriously.Every home furnishing, bed cover and accessory has that luxurious, fresh vibe that channels traditional with a modern touch, just the vibe I've been looking for in my bedroom.

Bedroom looks on fifimcgee.co.uk

The French Bedroom Company's website is going straight in my little black book of interior stockists. 

Bedroom looks on fifimcgee.co.ukOk so the beds are a little out of my price range, but as I mentioned in this post, similar to a sofa, a good bed is the next best investment you'll make in your life. It's worth splashing on one you love. Buy cheap, buy twice. 

I couldn't help but throw in my favourite item of the store. This ornate white stag head which would sit beautifully on a chimney breast or inside an alcove.

I always think 3D art like this is a brave choice for rooms, but having strong pieces and taking risks in decor with statement pieces pays off.

At just £40 it's a steal. Or go a little larger for £55. I'm seriously considering this to jazz up our room.

Not only do The French Bedroom Company stock beautiful beds, bedding and headboards, they do room accessories pretty damn well too. This is the place to look for statement pieces, from chandeliers to mirrors. Those pieces that everyone compliments when they enter the room.

So yeah, check out The French Bedroom Company if you're about to embark on a bedroom makeover.

3 useful storage solutions for small bedrooms

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

What our bedroom looked like 3 weeks ago (being redecorated as we speak)

If you live in a converted flat like I do, you'll know just how precious every inch of space in your home is. Our bedroom is undergoing a mini-makeover, we're painting, changing the colour scheme and home furnishings for a cleaner feel which I'll reveal parts of once it starts to take shape and part of the transformation we're going for will work on the level of storage we have. 

I thought I'd put together storage ideas for those with smaller rooms. Some we've considered but budget is too tight, others we'll be implementing now or later on once I've firmed up decisions on what to buy. 

I hope it helps you if you're in the middle of home improvements!

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

You can just about see in the photo above, Neil and I have a chimney breast and alcoves in our room which I love but it sorta means we can never switch around the furniture. The bed can't really go anywhere else. We thought about installing built in wardrobes in each of the alcoves to make use of the awkward space. Places like Hammonds UK fit bespoke furniture just about anywhere, including loft conversions with slanted ceilings. Whilst we haven't ruled this out, it's definitely an investment and we need to be dead certain on the style of the cupboards before committing. I love Hammonds' range of stylish to vintage looking furniture fittings though, so if you're considering built in cupboards, check out their offering. 

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

This includes under bed storage, vacant space inside wardrobes, and hooks behind doors for coats or your ever increasing stash of cardigans. I have a nu-vintage cream bed frame which we're keeping, with a lot of empty space underneath so in the next few weeks I'll be looking to purchase some wheeled drawers (preferably some that don't scratch wood floors). If you have any recommendations, hit me up. 

I also bought some pretty storage boxes on a recent trip to ikea to store all of my winter clothes during summer, which will sit just underneath the hung 'in season' stuff in my wardrobe, you know that awkward space under hung clothes? There.  I plan to swap the clothes around come winter. 

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

I could dedicate a whole 50 pin pinterest board to my love of shelving. In fact, I think I might start one. When done right, shelving is really useful for storing books, photographs, cacti collections or jewellery trees. If you have high ceilings it's worth considering how you can make use of the wall space for storage, and shelving is a great way. For us, it's a toss up between built in wardrobes or DIY shelving in the alcoves, and given we're book hoarders, I think the latter might be a better more temporary option whilst we save and make the decision on built in styles we like. Shelving arrangements are a whole separate post, I'd just love to have open space for framed typography, plants, ceramic pots and trinkets. We have such a small amount of shelf space in our house. 

I hope this has give you some ideas, follow my pinterest boards for more home inspiration :)

How to choose the right lighting in your bedroom

I shared a house tour not long ago in collaboration with Direct blinds, and discussed how I'm in the process of makeover plans for our bedroom. This is how it looks right now. Light and airy, but no real focal point. We can definitely make better use of the space. It looks small in the photo, but it's a fairly decent sized room if I stepped back 3 paces when taking the photo. 
I'm pulling together colour schemes as a starting point, and will talk more about that in an upcoming post, but right now I thought I'd discuss more about lighting. It can make or break a room and there's a few ways I'm being sure to make the most of the space with the light we choose, sticking with the period of the home too. It's a Victorian terraced flat. 
A few things to think about when considering lighting during a makeover big or small:
Begin your plans assessing the natural light available in the room

What size is the room, how big are the windows and where are they positioned? If your room is south facing, your windows may need heavier fabrics to block sun or if, like me, you want to introduce more natural light into a west or north facing room during the day you might be better to opt for voile fabrics that don't deter from the little light you do get. 
Next, think about what your main lighting system is like and the atmosphere it creates
We have a regular 60W ceiling light that is slow to 'warm up' and very bright when it's been left on for a long time. I want an easily adjustable system that allows me to have a bright bulb when I need it, and a darker cosy feel when I don't want harsh light.

The solution? A dimmer switch. Easy to fit and solves all of my problems. If you're decorating a child's bedroom and want a more even spread of light throughout the room, I'd consider spotlights and adding a dimmer switch to alter the brightness. For us, spot lights are a little too modern for the traditional look I want to achieve so a dimmer switch instead of the conventional on/off light is perfect for our needs. 
Consider the type of lighting you want and need, from a functional point of view

If you spend a lot of time reading in bed, bedside lights or bedside table lamps are a must. I particularly like the symmetrical appeal having matching bedside lamps can achieve. You can really bring a room together with matching lamps in the right colour scheme. 
If you spend a lot of time getting ready, built in wardrobe lights will save a lot of time looking for the right outfits. Similarly if you have a dressing table or mirror where you put make up on, invest in quality lighting there too. 
Our bedroom isn't usually used for getting ready - I usually do make up in the bathroom, and I don't spend a lot of time choosing clothes so for me, that level of lighting wouldn't get the most value. I do however, read every night, and my room is crying out for a lamp at arm level. See how high the lamp I have is? Over head lighting or low beside table lamps would mean I don't have to get out of bed to turn the light off. These Tiffany lamps are very traditional and would look great with the right antique furniture by my bedside.

Include optional atmospheric lights

These are the kind that you wouldn't use all the time, but create a different look to the room when in company or you're using the space for something different. Occasionally I'll work on my laptop in the evenings in my room, or I'll have a friend over for drinks and we'll hang out in my room discussing outfits whilst getting ready for a night out. Optional atmospheric lighting works great for these moments. Ideas could be to dot wooden floor lamps in different corners of the room, or candles along the window sill. Stringed lighting over a bed or mirror also has an optional atmospheric feel. I plan to hang string lights across our bed frame and dot candles on shelving i want to fit inside the alcoves. 
Don't be afraid to be daring with design choices when it comes to lamps and shades. 
If you get it right, the pay off is so much more. Get it wrong, and you can just change it! Simple as that. I've been looking at copper pendant lights as I think the shades bring a modern touch without being too different to the traditional features of the room. Funktionalley offer lighting that would really transform a room so it's worth looking there for ideas. 
I'll let you know how the plans go. Next week I'll write more about the colour schemes we've chosen and tips for you to choose the right colours for your space too.
Follow me for updates :)
Photo credits // Main image, copyright of Fifi McGee // Others sourced on Pinterest 

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

If you think you haven't got the design eye to create the bedroom of your dreams, think again. 

If you can copy, you can create. 

Everyone covets the 'fresh from pinterest' look in their homes and I'm about to show you how easy it is to create, or copy. The thing is, nothing is original. Ideas are born through being inspired by other people's work (and ideas). And interior looks are no different, great ideas or trends are really a juxtaposition of existing concepts. 

You can create your dream room in 3 easy steps, okay it'll take a lot of time, money and effort preceding these 3 actions, but if you get this part nailed you'll be well on your way to a pinspiring home (see what I did there?)

1. Decide which room it is you'd like to decorate or spruce up

2. Spend a little while scrolling through pinterest (or wherever you find your home inspiration in fact) and pick just ONE photo that best suits the space you're changing and the look you want to achieve. 

3. Copy, copy, copy. 

Take the top photo for example. It's the first photo I found on my pinterest travels and if I was a teenage girl again, it would be my dream bedroom. Here's how I'd style it up to create a similar, more 'fifi' look. 

First of all I'd split each of the main themes of the photo into categories. In this instance, the bed is a major focal point in the room, as is the shelving, and then the bedside tables. If I get these 3 right, my room should end up looking pretty similar. The beauty of this, is that the room won't end up identical, I'll put my own stamp on it just by shopping elsewhere. 

Now the fun part. Shopping!

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The bed

Depending on what your bed looks like you could choose to spray paint your current metal bed frame a nice ivory colour and buy new finials for the posts, or if your bed is in need of an upgrade anyway visit an online bed store like Bedzrus who have super reasonable frames to choose from with that nu-vintage look.

When choosing bedding, consider colour schemes within the image. For this room I'd go as close to browns, baby pinks, champagne golds and off-whites as possible, and layer up on textures. Mix fur with thick knits, patterns and crisp linen. 

Similar bed dressing I'd buy to recreate this look:

Cream fur throw, £30 BHS or Mink fur throw £49.99 Dunelm Mill
Egyptian cotton duvet cover in Blossom, from £35 M&S
Regency Mink cushion, £25 Habitat for Homebase
Herringbone blanket, £10 Primark
Fur cushion cover, £12.99 H&M
Pair of symphony cushion covers, £15 Very

Collectively this could be unaffordable, but the great thing is that once you have a photo and clear vision to work with, you can recreate the look by collecting pieces as and when you save up.

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The shelving

If I wanted to go all out, I'd buy similar wallpaper and make the wall behind the bed an 'accent' wall leaving the rest of the room neutral. I'd opt for this stunning Elveden Laura Ashley print that would suit the colour scheme and not detract from the whole look. It's all about subtle colours. 

The room pictured has style elements that would be a total fuss to recreate, panelled shelving, although it looks nice, there's a much cheaper way to create the shelving above the bed. In fact, it's an ikea hack. Once the wallpaper is on, measure the height of the bed frame and just above it, fix some picture ledges or simple white freestanding shelves you can get for between £7-£15 in Ikea. 

Following this, I'd head straight for Not On The High Street to find suitable decorative bits to pop on top. I'd choose meaningful quotes or art, or even black and white framed photos of friends and family. 

Some things I'd buy to jazz up the shelving:

2 or 3 bottle vases in various sizes, from £12 Not On The High Street
Artificial pink roses, £9.95 Not On The High Street
Dream Big embroidery hoop, £22.68 Etsy
Wooden mirror with 3 hanging hearts, £28 Not On The High Street
Tea cup candle, £12 Etsy

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The bedside tables 

Matching is the way forward. After a little google around, Loaf.com (oh Loaf, how I love you) do pretty much the exact same style dressers. Their Mimi bedside tables are £195 each and are a beautiful brown shade that pulls the room together.

I'd decorate the bedside tables with double apperture copper frames, £16  Oliver Bonas and a vintage pink and white reading light, £32 Etsy.

As for the rest of the room, like the carpet, pouf and basket, depending on the flooring of the room I'm styling, I'd buy a large mink or cream rug to sit under the bed and stretch towards the edges of the room. If you had wooden flooring, you could think about painting the floorboards white which would really bring the room to life. There's a similar pouf on Wayfair's site (another favourite of mine) and wicker baskets can be picked up everywhere online. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it's inspired you to start styling your home. I'd love to see some pics if you do!

Credits // Photo by House to Home, Post in collaboration with Bedzrus (content all 100% original)

How to enhance your home with simple lighting

How to enhance your home with simple lighting (and WIN a tripod floorlamp worth £175!) ››

I've gone and dedicated a whole pinterest board solely to lighting ideas around the home. For me, lighting is such a crucial aspect in interior design to get right. It instantly sets the mood of your home and it can give you a creative outlet to experiment with different looks, knowing that if you do anything wrong it's easily fixed.

Experimenting with lighting can drastically change a room from calm, cosy and romantic, to energising and vibrant. And that's just from opening the curtains. 

I've come up with a few tips to accentuate light in all different spaces. These are just a few things I'll be thinking about when I come to move in a few weeks time. Oh and there's an absolutely FANTASTIC giveaway courtesy of the beautiful Alison at Home online interior shop. I've honestly never been so jealous. I want to keep it all for myself.

First up here's some tips for lighting your space....

How to enhance your home with simple lighting (and WIN a tripod floorlamp worth £175!) ››

Hang mirrors to introduce an illusion of natural light - Great tip for those living in darker houses or basement flats. Focus on hanging mirrors opposite windows so that they let the natural light bounce both sides of the room. If you're living in rented accommodation and are a little reluctant to drilling walls, go for smaller dressing table mirrors resting against walls. I adore this Alison at Home Hartnell Bevelled Edge Mirror on this trestle table. It's really nice to play around with various heights if you're going for more than one in the room. 

How to enhance your home with simple lighting (and WIN a tripod floorlamp worth £175!) ››

For smaller windows, opt for sheer materials - If you aren't blessed with humongous windows the length and width of walls, make the most of the light you do have by hanging sheer curtains. Go for fabrics like voile or muslin, that will naturally let the light flood through and depending on what colour you choose, reds/oranges will add more warmth to the room.

How to enhance your home with simple lighting (and WIN a tripod floorlamp worth £175!) ››

Quirky candle holders are a win when you're entertaining - Apart from the obvious 'oh LOVE the candle holder, where's this from?' chat you're sure to conjure up (everyone loves a bit of candlestick compliments), lighting candles are a nice way to let guests know you've gone to a tiny bit of effort and sets a really welcoming tone. This fabulous owl candle stand is such a great focal point on a large table or mantelpiece. 

How to enhance your home with simple lighting (and WIN a tripod floorlamp worth £175!) ››

Dot 'task lighting' accents around the home - Task lighting is the light you need to do a specific job, bedside lamps for reading, desk lights etc. Dotting all sorts of lamps, uplights, downlights, candles and lanterns across your house, gives a really nice insight into how you use the space, adding lots of character and texture to your home. A personal fave of mine are 'reading corners'. I love armchairs placed next to floor lamps with lots of blankets to provide the perfect spot to read or sit on your laptop.

This leads me on very nicely to what you've all been waiting for...

Win your very own Colonial Tripod Lamp (worth £175!)

How to enhance your home with simple lighting (and WIN a tripod floorlamp worth £175!) ››

Alison at Home have been insanely generous and are offering my readers the chance to win one of their eclectic Colonial Tripod Floor Lamps from the Heritage collection, worth £175! 

The giveaway is open to UK residents only. The very lucky winner will be announced on the 31st May 2014 12am and the prize will be delivered to your door a week after. Just in time for sprucing your home up after a spring clean :)

To enter, all you have to do is follow my blog on bloglovin and like my page on facebook, filling in the rafflecopter below.

A winner will be drawn and I will check for proof of entry. If that person has entered without following or tweeting I will choose another winner.

There's lots of bonus entries on there too, so fill your boots and good luck! I'll just go crawl into my envious cave.....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you're based in or around London, be sure to check out Alison at Home's pop up concession at House of Fraser on Oxford Street from May 12th! 

Spring pastel interior ideas for the bedroom

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

I mentioned in my last interior post '10 reasonably priced home interior sites' that when I move into my new place, I'll be decorating Neil & I's bedroom with a pastel scheme. Not too feminine but still pulling off the hotel-chic, crisp white bedlinen look I love. Like every other over-excited homebuyer I've been pinning all hell out of inspiration for bedroom decor and have since tried finding items to create the look without breaking the bank. 

Check out what I found. Turns out Tesco and George at Asda are an absolute haven for cheap and cheerful pastel looks.
Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

I have one of those nu-vintage white frame beds that's looking a bit too basic at the mo and think something like this chevron print duvet adds a fun focal point for the room. Not 100% on buying these or just crisp white/embroidered, but might pick some up for spares.

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››
Wood and wicker laundry baskets, from £29.99, Zara home

Did I ever share my serious OBSESSION with all things wicker? I think it's the country bumpkin in me. I'm expecting at lease two or three wicker accents in every room. These are roomy enough for two people's dirty laundry so I'm snapping them up!

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

Pastel pink flannelette bed sheets, from £8.99, Dunelm Mill

Pink bedsheets are so 90s it hurts my eyes, but how cute eh? I've already bought the brushed cotton/flannelette set from Dunelm and they're great quality. Might go all out and stock up on blue too.

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

This will fit beautifully layered at the end of the bed, and makes a handy quilt to have around on those drunken nights when your bezzy passes out on the sofa ;) I actually saw the exact same quilt from Next retailing at £50... the George one might not be as great quality but screw it. Bargain.

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››
Decorated knob (Pack of 2) £7.99, Zara Home

We're buying the biggest wardrobe you've ever seen for our bedroom, and while part of me wishes I could find a second hand, more solid piece of oak furniture rather than brand new MDF-type furniture, there's just nothing else out there. To take the modern edge off I plan to switch the wardrobe door handles so they look a little less contemporary. A great way to cheer up dull furniture for dirt cheap.

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

Teal Toile Cushion, £12, Next

Watercolour-esque cushions like these would look beauts on plain white bed sheets with 4 different complementing blankets in all sorts of textures. I love how these are also pin-striped on the reverse side so you can switch it up.

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››
Teal Knit Cushion, £14, Next

I'd pair the above cushions with these waffle knit bad boys. The colours are perfect together and similarly with wicker baskets (above) waffle knit makes me go weak at the knees. Pah.

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

Aimee Bed Linen, starts from £20, Cologne & Cotton

I realise even by just buying the pillowcase I would blow the budget in one sitting, but bedsheets couldn't get any more perfect than this Aimee range from Cologne & Cotton. Simple, excellent quality and delicate detail. Gimme! 

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

Lolita lamps, too-expensive-to-advertise?, Nika Zupanc

It never sits well when products are left unpriced on posh sites but these lamps/lightshades are so adorable I wanna cry. If you see any similar. Hit me up asap.

Pastel interior ideas for the bedroom ››

Anything that's designed to wake me up with an alarm that resembles a foghorn doesn't constitute any more cash than around £3. This little thing looks deceivingly cute, but I bet it's at risk of being thrown across the room at 7am. 

Join me over on pinterest to have a nosey of all the interior stuff I'm pinning. It's pretty addictive. I could easily get lost for a whole day on doing this....