15 ways to affordably take your bedroom from summer to autumn



Hello from sunny Corfu! Neil and I decided to book a last minute holiday in search of sun and relaxation now that our kitchen diner renovation is drawing to a close. Lots of small DIY jobs and styling to do but it definitely feels like we're getting there.

Whilst I'll miss all the sun, BBQs, prancing around the house in vest tops and shorts and all the al fresco G&Ts Summer brings, there's part of me that's looking forward to getting home and decorating our house ready for the Autumn. 

I've been thinking a lot about budget friendly ways to update our home for a more cosy look ready for Autumn. Ways that don't involve me breaking the bank (after the renovation has already broken it!) and recycling some old, loved treasures so today I'm sharing the 15 ideas that will help make a home become a warm, snuggly escape – starting with the bedroom. 

Let me know if you put any of these into practice! And if you're looking to upgrade your mattress in the next few weeks read on to see one splash out Autumnal upgrade everyone should make. 

Fi xx

15 simple ways to affordably take your bedroom from Summer to Autumn <3

1. Add a cosy throw (or 5!) to your bed and your arm chair if you have one.

2. Swap your light weight curtains for heavier, patterned fabrics. This is a new thing for me now that we have lots more storage space – owning multiple curtains to change the look of rooms through the seasons. 

3. Introduce warmer, layered lighting. This could be as simple as swapping your bulb for a warmer watt, or moving lamps from other rooms into your bedroom to layer up the light. 

4. Dig out your candles and pepper them on shelves, bedside tables and your chest of drawers. 

5. Collect branches from your blustery walks and make wreaths to hang above your bed, or simply lay branches and Autumnal foliage on shelves/mantles. 

6. Buy some white or coral toned pumpkins on your next weekly shop and strategically place them with candles on your shelves. 

7. Hide an ugly radiator with a faux sheepskin rug draped over.

8. Swap your crisp cotton summer sheets for brushed cotton sheets – you know the weather's officially changed when these come out. Ultimate cosy times.

9. Paint something for your wall. Choose an autumnal colour scheme from the thousands of examples on Pinterest, mix the colours and go wild creating something for your walls.

10. Create a focal point with string fairy lights. Dig out your clear Christmas decorations early and drape them across the wall, your head board or hang them from the ceiling. 

11. Choose a dark Autumnal colour and dye your bed sheets.

12. Layer up any extra knitted blankets and display them in wicker or weave baskets. 

13. Change (or paint) your summer white photo frames to dark frames for dramatic walls. 

14. Stack books on your bedside table for an elevated spot to keep your glasses. Bonus points if your books are old, vintage and autumnal colours. 

15. Get crafty and make an Autumnal geometric mobile from coloured paper or pom poms.

1 thing to splash out on for ultimate Autumnal comfort

Our hotel here in Greece is really lovely but the mattress is so hard and uncomfy. It's made me really cherish our bed at home and how it's pure luxury being in bed. If you are on the market for a new mattress I would say splash out on this as the first way to bring a more Autumnal, relaxing vibe to your bedroom. Spending any longer on a crap mattress is so not the done deal. If you know you need a new mattress, move your mattress buying to now not later. Your sleep will thank you for it. 

Bruno Mattress

The Bruno mattress is ideal for seasonal change.  The top layer is sustainably farmed natural latex, a breathable material that promotes airflow, perfect for keeping you cool in summer and cosy in winter. 

The quilted top cover can be completely removed and machine washed and latex is also naturally hypoallergenic so if you suffer from allergies, this is a good choice. 

What's also pretty super is that it arrives all wrapped up in a box – a friend at a co-working space I work in managed to order his to the office and get it home in a car which is much easier than transporting your average spring mattress. 

If you're interested in the mattress read reviews and see more info at www.brunosleep.co.uk

Well, those are my cosy tips for sprucing your room ready for Autumn – what ways do you change your bedroom from Summer to Autumn?

Collaborative post with Bruno Sleep. All sponsored content is cherry picked, brands I love and I know you will too. All opinions are my own.