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I've also been Shortlisted for Best UK Interior Blog in the Cosmopolitan blog awards 2015... lucky me eh?


where it all started


My obsession with interiors all began when I was a little girl. I'd spend weekends reorganising my bedroom, moving my furniture around, changing duvets and had a weird love for organising. 

When I got a bit older, along came the magazines. I used to rip up period homes mags in my teens and make mood boards, dreaming up colour schemes for make believe houses. I've always been a bit of a dreamer, and it didn't stop there.

When I finally bought my own place to decorate, I suddenly felt way out of my depth. I had so many decisions to make, fast. Colour schemes, furniture styles, flooring. Lots of plans had to be made which also took into account my fiancés taste too - this wasn't just my flat after all. 

So, I set up this blog to share our decoration choices and the struggles we've had, to grow my confidence in all things decor and share the decoration process that seems to work for me and my fiancé, Neil, in the hope that you too can create a home that fills you with the right headspace and creativity to take on the world together. 

how i can help you

Everyone needs a fresh set of eyes and another opinion on your interior ideas. Perhaps you've got some big choices ahead and you need someone to tell you it's going to look great, or maybe you've hit a creative block and can't think of a cost-efficient way of designing a certain room, wall or shelf? Or do you need someone to help you decide between 3 wall colours?

I'd love to chat and help you with anything you're unsure of. Drop me an email with what you need help with (include images too) and I'll give you an honest opinion. Let's chat :-)