A stylist's guide to arranging your modern farmhouse cushions

A stylist's guide to arranging your Modern Famhouse cushions

Neil and I just wrapped up a shoot with Wayfair UK in our house which saw me selecting and styling cushions that bring a fresh, summery feel to a Modern Farmhouse home.

I first told Neil about the shoot and his response made me chuckle:

"Do you really need any more cushions?"

Ha. Our house is filled with them. I have found myself trying to find hiding places for the ones not in use... so don't go peering under our bed any time soon!

If, like us, you live in a place that's decorated more for cosy winter evenings by the fire rather than summer, I've put together some affordable tips for selecting and arranging cushions that will bring a real fresh feel to even the darkest, cosiest living rooms during the spring and summer months. 

Also, if you struggle with getting your cushion arrangements on point, or you just fancy a refresh and tips on what I usually choose, I hope this will inspire you. 

How to arrange your Modern Farmhouse cushions: Tips on styling

How to select + style your Modern Farmhouse cushions

My first tip when you're buying, making or curating your cushions from your selections around the house is this...

Don't feel like you need to matchy-matchy

For a Modern Farmhouse look with your cushions, mixing different shapes, different fabrics, textures and colours works so well as farmhouses typically have "make do and mend" character to them with no two things the same. When selecting my cushions from Wayfair for the shoot, I looked at the Dutch Decor brand quite closely as I loved the variety of textures they have on offer.

How to arrange your modern farmhouse cushions: tips from a stylist

I opted for linens in taupe shades, a cross weave fabric in a warmer, striped style and light colours in fabrics like herringbone cotton. Why? Because apart from them being fresh in colour,  these types of fabrics lend themselves well to summer months, which leads me to my next cushion styling tip...

Think about the seasons

If it's coming up to hot, summer months, the last thing you want is thick fur throw cushions on your sofa. Heavier fabrics like fur and embroidered fabric work well if you want to create somewhere cosy in Winter but in Summer, I'd go with lighter colours, hessian, linens and maybe light cottons too. 

And next...

How to style and arrange your country look cushions in your living room

Always include a rectangle or circle cushion to the mix

This is something I've picked up from the hours spent looking through pinterest at cushion arrangements. In fact, take a look at my cushions board on pinterest (yep, I really am that obsessed) and you'll see the pattern. 

A great cushion arrangement won't have the same shape cushion running through it – like your average square cushion. It will have smaller circle cushions, wide oblong cushions and even cylindrical shapes if you're styling something like a bed. I always try to find balance and variety when selecting cushions for a shoot. 

Those are my few tips on styling for a Modern Farmhouse home – don't forget to follow our renovation stories right here, and pin this post if you'd like to read it later :)

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How to style your cushion arrangements

This post is in collaboration with Wayfair