Coming soon - The Happy Home Planner


Hey hey hey friends

I'm working on something super exciting in the background amidst all the truckloads of dust and paint caddies at No. 42.

A brand new Happy Home Planner is coming your way very very soon people! I've had this idea for bloomin' ages, and been working on it for half as long, so when it comes out, I'm gunna go a bit nuts with excitement. No joke. 

My core aim in life is to help you design and build your own happy home with every fibre of my existence. In fact, a happy home and life. Because the two are interchangeable, let's face it. 

Decorate your home and you decorate your life.

This planner is the perfect thing to define your style in every room you want to decorate and put together a master plan to bring it to existence. 

I so can't wait! Sign up for notifications if you wanna hear about its release or just wanna get excited with me <3

Woop woop

Fifi x