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Inspiration time :)

I've been pinning all hell out of life these past two days, pulling together a visual mood board of what Neil & I (okay... just I) want our home to look like once we've saved enough deposit. Having a clear visual to look at when you're making so many financial sacrifices is a great approach to keeping spirits high, I always think.

What better way to curb spending than to spend the weekend dreaming up all the bits and bobs you want, like money isn't an object, in one big online scrapbook. I sat back and pretended I clicked 'buy it now' and felt the same fulfilment I feel when I hit up the Primark sale.

Anyway. I thought I'd share a few pieces on here. My vision is a mish-mash between vintage-chic and quirky statement pieces. I just hope this lot will still be available to buy come the big day ;)

Julian Bowen Katarina king size bed frame The Range, £129.99

This bad boy is similar to my current bed frame but has a more new-vintage vibe (and is much roomier!) I just know that places like The Range are going to be on my radar once it's time to buy a bed, given the value for money. I imagine lots of lights entwined through the gaps for that coveted "blogger bedroom" look.

Zig Zag rug in grey Urban Outfitters, £14

Have you seen these all over pinterest yet? Interior designers are going mad over chevron prints, from cushions to rugs, and I'm no exception. These rugs will probably be completely out of fashion by the time we move, but it comes in every colour and gives an extra focal point to a room that will make me still love it.

Double ended freestanding bath Cheap Suites, £339

Bit of an odd one to include in the wish list, but alongside a fireplace, I've always dreamed of having a claw foot bath, freestanding in the middle of a wooden Parisian-style bathroom. One day, one day!

Primular cushion covers Dunelm Mill, £6.99

Aren't these country-bumpkin cushions sweet? And a steal at only £7. I imagine having lots of these, some mis-matched, dotted all over a Chesterfield sofa positioned in front of the fire with a little cat curled up into one. N'aww!

Cath Kidston Sprig teapot Amazon, £23.53

If I want to channel country living as realistically as possible, a cute tea set is a must. This Cath Kidston teapot is just the ticket. I've never been too fussed about Cath Kidston designs in the past, I always found items to be overpriced and easily duped, but after spending a few years saving, it's worth splashing out on a set that will be timeless forever :)

Yay! Biscuits! biscuit barrel Edited, £14.95

Want. Want. Want. This biscuit tin is from one of my favourite shops in Brighton, Edited. They sell lots of quirky interior bits, the perfect place to find 'out-there' items for the home. I love having one or two pieces that make people instantly say "oh wow, this is cute, where's it from?" as soon as they walk into a room, and this cheeky tin stands out from the crowd!

Smeg fridge John Lewis, £1,1...let's not look at the price 

Ok. Hands up who wants their own Smeg fridge. These are about the only heavy duty home appliance my heart starts fluttering for (bar Henry hoovers... don't get jealous Henry!) It's more popular to go for the retro pastel shades but I think this lime green is the best colour of the whole bunch. Best keep saving eh?

That's it for now. I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to "housepiration", come see. And let me know what your favourites are. Do you fall head over heels for smeg fridges too?

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