The key trends to get a modern farmhouse vibe in a guest bedroom

The key trends to get a modern farmhouse vibe in a guest bedroom

Guys I've been doing my home decoration research this week! I want a traditional, lived in, cosy modern farmhouse style in the guest bedroom when it's finished and I've been researching some key trends to incorporate into the room to make sure I achieve this kinda look. I'm sharing them here in case you too have a love for Modern Farm Charm interiors and need some inspiration to bring a rustic edge to your guest bedroom or master bedroom. 

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10 commandments to live by when saving for a house

10 commandments to live by when saving for a house

I thought I'd write a bit about mine and Neil's story saving for our place and the cuts we had to make (and still have to) to acquire a big enough deposit to buy in the Brighton/Hove area whilst keeping maintenance costs of the property in mind. 

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Getting a wood burning stove fitted: what to consider | Part 1

Getting a wood burning stove fitted: what to consider | Part 1

In about 3 weeks time, Neil and I are having our chimney all opened up and a wood burner installed right where you can see those little logs resting in our now decorative fireplace. 

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Say hello to my new rug! What do you think?

Darlings of Chelsea bedroom grey and white rug

Remember a little while back I shared my bedroom mood board with you?

On it was a really lovely grey and white rug. I want a minimalist boho look in my room, and although we're not near achieving that just yet, I wanted to update you on a new rug I've chosen for the room keeping this theme in mind.

It's from Darlings of Chelsea. If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you'll have seen me squealing like a little girl when it arrived last month. 

Now it's all snug as a bug and resting nicely under our bed, I thought I'd shoot some quick pics for you. Don't judge, the room still has a lot of work to be done to it decoratively! 

Darlings of Chelsea bedroom grey and white rug

I don't think I could have made a better choice though. I'm absolutely delighted with it. Darlings of Chelsea have some really fabulous patterned rugs that aren't too bold - exactly what I love in rugs. I wanted something fitting with our grey and white colour scheme, that added texture to the room visually without it being too in your face. 

It was a pretty hard choice from the Darlings of Chelsea offering. They are renowned for their fantastic quality sofas but their rugs are every bit as gorgeous. Take a look at the rugs I initially shortlisted:

Darlings of Chelsea bedroom grey and white rugs
For various reasons (like the fair isle grey feeling too Christmassy, the Cleo Cement too large a print for the room and the Annabelle grey a close contender but didn't make the cut) I opted for the Diamond Platinum in 183 x 274cm. I probably could have gone the size bigger but I always go against the "rules of rug sizes" in interior styling, preferring to show off wooden floors with smaller sizes. 

I've got to say, that if like me you've had wooden flooring in your bedroom and always lusted after carpet for ultimate cosiness, the next best thing is putting down a good quality rug. It's made the room feel warmer, cosier and even sound nicer where there might previously have been an echo.

The makeover is no way near finished (will it ever be?) but it's feeling like a much nicer room to be in than when we first moved in. 

Next on the agenda:

- A new lamp for our bedside table (our previous one smashed so this is a temporary replacement)
- A matching dresser to the bedside table (or I might paint the one we have so it's less cream and more white)
- A new blind (coming very soon, woop woop)
- Putting up a curtain pole for some voile curtains to hang
- Nicer bits and pieces to style my dresser and bedside table, I'm thinking copper themed to match our new bedroom light fixture 
- Tidying up those unsightly wires with some skirting board hooks

What do you think? Which Darlings of Chelsea rug would you have picked?\

Fiona xoxo

3 guaranteed beautiful ways to style your mantelpiece [ideal for renters]

A mantelpiece is usually the heart of the home. It's your one opportunity to wow people when they enter the room, so if you get it wrong, or don't bother with it at all, it's a mega missed chance. 

The beauty of having a mantelpiece or fireplace which I'll go into below, is the versatility you have. Nothing has to stay the same and you can change it with some simple foliage or flowers to reflect every time of year. Winter garlands for Christmas, twigs and orange leaved branches for autumn, or a vase of peonies in late Spring. 

Below I'm sharing 3 foolproof ways you can make your mantelpiece stun people, all ideas are renter friendly too... bonus!


I'd say if you've just moved in, or if you're new to decorating and aren't as brave as you'd like to be (nothing to be ashamed of, we all have to start somewhere!) this style is a fantastic place to start. 

Choose 1 piece of large artwork that will:

a) be a talking point when people enter the room
b) be something linked to your lifestyle, background or personality
c) tie in or set the colour scheme for the room

Make sure your art work is roughly 3/4s of the width of your mantelpiece so it will anchor the fireplace and won't look too small and pathetic.

If you're renting, use 3D Command strips for nail free hanging. 

If you're strapped for cash (large works of art can be bloody expensive!) try buying the right size canvas for the wall and choose your favourite print wallpaper to paste over it and create your own work of art.

Then, add depth to the look with candlesticks, vases or trinkets that will soften up the harsh edges of the frame. 


Haven wallpaper by Feathr
120 x 100 blank canvas
Roller + tray set for pasting
Wallpaper paste


For the more experimental decorator, and ideal for people that want a new look on their mantelpiece with a more eclectic vibe, lean various sized artwork in front of each other.  

Some styling tips, to avoid your mantel looking too cluttered:

  • Begin with 1 or 2 pieces of art that add vertical height as staple pieces
  • Avoid too much redundant white space by making sure the staple art you're choosing is large enough for the mantelpiece
  • Next add square or rectangular wide pieces of art that's roughly half the vertical height of your staple piece
  • Finally, go wild on smaller pieces (stick to odd numbers, 3 or 5) and maybe introduce a circular frame or object to soften the edges


Print from Unlimited, Brighton
Art by Martin O'Neill and Unlimited Brighton
Frames in various sizes from Ikea


If you're lucky enough to have a period chandelier in your living room, this look would complete the room. A gilt or wooden ornate mirror that's large enough to fit the mantelpiece end to end gives a traditional feel without having to think too much about styling. 

The mirrors reflective elements mean that if you're in a rented flat with limited space, it'll open it up and make the room feel bigger.

I'd add traditional props with this if it's too simple for your taste. Think classic clocks, candelabras and thick garlands representative of each season. 


Mahogany framed mantelpiece mirror from Oak furniture
Gold spray paint to give the mirror a gilt effect
Newgate mantelpiece clock from Amara
Any of these looks are great, but I think the biggest tip to point out is... don't go for art or objects too small! It will look and feel a bit pathetic. You want grand and statement!

That's it. Hope you enjoyed my styling tips. 

Next post: The easy cost effective way to bring an eclectic vibe to your living room  ››

Main styled images found on McGrath2, Houzz, Savoy Home Blog, and Overmantels

5 upholstered beds I can't choose between

5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung

... and 1 company who stocks them all

I shared my bedroom mood board a few weeks ago. Cash is a little bit tight but I mentioned I'm on the lookout for an upholstered bed for a cosier feel that's more comfortable than the metal frame we currently have, and something that fits within a grey colour scheme. 
I've found a really great place to buy a bed frame, that allows you to choose the size and fabric you want, choose the base you want and choose the feet. It's essentially creating your own dream bed, for the same price you'd spend on a regular bed could have had to compromise on in some way. 
The site is Button + Sprung, you might have heard about their pocket sprung mattresses which they're more widely known for.
Here are 5 of their upholstered beds I'm loving.
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
1. Lily Double Bedstead, £725
I love how there's a little room underneath the bed for a small amount of storage. I chose the Dove, Contemporary Plain Texture material with Walnut feet for a simple style that a variety of bed linen colours would look good on (very important for an interior blogger!)
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
2. Poppy Double Bedstead, £695
This has a much more sturdy look to it than the Lily bedstead above. It doesn't have a rolled back headboard meaning it'll sit flush against the wall leaving more space at the base. I've chosen Argent velvet for this one, to add a bit of luxury where the shape is lacking. 
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
3. Eliza Double Bedstead, £695
A braver choice in fabric and shape. This is the Pistachio Contemporary Plain Texture fabric that I think would bring a really vibrant look to our grey scheme. I'm not sure whether I'll grow sick of the colour through time, but yet I always go for safe options. Maybe it's worth the risk?
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
4. Burdock Double Bedstead, £645
A more muted coloured fabric this time in 'Corn' and very basic shape, meaning I can dress it up any which way I like for photo shoots. I prefer buttons on the headboard but for sake of versatility and shooting different looks, sometimes less is more. The colour would tie in well with the grey scheme too without being too 'woah there' like the Eliza above. 
5 upholstered beds I can't choose between | Button + Sprung
5. Peony Double Bedstead, £745
What I love about this, which the similar Poppy lacks in, are the ornate looking legs. Lots of the beds on Button and Sprung have basic chunky legs, whereas I like a little more detail. This one is in velvet too and I think of all of them, ticks the right boxes for my needs. It's still very 'safe' though.
Which bed would you choose?
Fi xoxo

Bright, patterned towels - yay or nay?

bright patterned towels for the bathroom

Well I can't get enough of them. My airing cupboard is bursting at the seams and I have a long wish list of towels left in me. 

I thought I'd share some of my favourites I've seen as I've been poking around shops recently because, well, there's no better time to stock up before the relatives arrive at Christmas. Wow the world with your towel collection whilst giving your bathroom a bit of a facelift. 

Above are the beautiful

Padua Christy range in Deep Sea

blue (which I have). They come in 3 colour variations + have a nice border around them.

bright patterned towels for the bathroom

Something a little more fun, I saw these in John Lewis recently, it's 

SCION's range

. The hedgehogs are a personal fave. Again, nice border on each end - is it just me who loves that? It's the only way I can tell between a Primark towel and something a little more luxurious. 

bright patterned towels for the bathroom

I also came across these sets in John Lewis, which would look quite good together for a mish mash look. The first are the

Coastal Nordic Scene towels

,  great for a seaside theme bathroom or small toilet. The second set are the

Isometric towels in Steel / Dandelion

which would look great in a spare bedroom with grey colour schemes.

bright patterned towels for the bathroom

Then I came across the

Tibetan bright towels

(to the far left) in Marks + Spencer which I adore. The range look like they should be rugs and have that luxurious autumnal look to them. Great styling in the photo above too, the Tibetan towel looks fantastic against the bright yellow. Not so sure on striped towels like the far right though. Striped towels aren't really my thing. Can't even give you a valid reason why ;)

bright patterned towels for the bathroom

And finally, these towels which are way too nice to be towels. I came across them on the


website. They look more like shawls or throws, don't you think?

I'm really intrigued by them. Do they even feel like towels? are they super fast drying? I really wonder. All I know is that if you're going away for a weekend somewhere and you rock up with a towel like this you'd be instantly cool in my book. 

What do you think? Are you a patterned towel lover?

Fiona xoxo

An interior brand I love: Bohzaar

Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››
I'm on a mission to introduce you to some of the UK's cutest interior stockists. Whether you're an interior stylist, budding interior assistant or just love finding home decoration sites to spruce up your home, keep an eye on this feature.

I'm working hard to collect a little black book with a list of favourite shops, so that for ANY interior look you want to achieve, all that's needed is a glance through my little black book to know where you'll find the goods to create your dream rooms. 

Last time I shared with you a brand I've been leaning towards to source sentimental art for the home.
This week, let me introduce a brand who is the sole reason behind my new found love for the  bohemian trend, and why I've changed my whole bedroom plans because of their  beautiful bedding and cushions. 

Hello, Bohzaar.

I'll allow you to click on their site for two secs to fall in love with their stock too, but make sure you  come back here as soon as poss to see how I'm incorporating their gorgeous bedding in my room. There's plenty of time for shopping, umming and ahhing later ;)

Bohzaar KNOW how to rock the bohemian trend.  I think you'll agree.

I initially wanted a minimalist look in our new bedroom (which is currently in the slow  process of decoration between blogging  + working) but after sharing my first phase before  + after look I realised  I needed more pattern and personality within the room. 

It was looking a bit 2 dimensional, flat and needed some pattern and texture to add depth. So I came up with a 'Minimalist Boho' theme to incorporate my love for simplicity with splashes of pattern. Totally trying to  trend set here  - there is no such thing as 'boho minimalism' obvs... but it will soon be a 'thing' ha.
It was looking through Bohzaar's site that gave me this realisation. Don't you just love it when an interior shop or website gives you that 'a-ha' moment and you finally have a shop that stocks everything you need?

Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››

What stood out to me, and really appealed to my personality, was Bohzaar's fabric ranges. I've spent a long long time trawling the internet for small but detailed print paisley-esque bedding for my previous place. It feels good have finally found the  home of boho bedding.
The blue paisley patterns would mix well with cool tones on your bedroom walls for a relaxing atmosphere, whereas the striking  Ikat Kerela range in all different colours would sit beautifully in a scandi inspired bedroom. I sometimes dislike the scandinavian look for it's lack of colour, it can be a bit stark and limited to monochrome, so if you're after something a bit brighter to fit within a modern/scandi/ikea theme, check out the  Ikat Kerela in Orange base. A nice warm fabric to cosy up what is usually quite a cold, minimal style. 
What did I end up opting for?

It was a real toss up between the  ZigZag Grey Duvet cover as I'm going for a grey/white theme in our bedroom, and the  Bohemian Sundara  duvet and pillowcases.  You can see exactly which ones I chose and they are by far my most favourite bed sheets I've ever owned (and that's a LOT of bed sheets). 
Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››

Boho bedding interior look for the bedroom ››
They wash really well and with a spray of my new best friend Crease Release when they're drying they don't wrinkle too much - perfect for photo shoots!

Do you like?  Pay Bohzaar a visit ››

Fi xoxo

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11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

Cottage kitchens. They’re adorable.

More and more home owners are opting for modern looks in their kitchens. Glossy white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, marble finished floors. But after flicking through my countless period homes magazines archives, I realised something…

If you go for a cottage theme in your kitchen it will never date.

And not only that, if your kitchen is super small, you should make a statement of it with cottage style. Give it cottage character.

Good things come in small packages after all, and I've always thought, your kitchen doesn't need ridiculous amounts of space to be on trend. 

If you've seen my kitchen before you’ll see it has cottage appeal with the oak worktops and modern farmhouse accessories to give it some cottage character in a 1930s home.

I thought I'd pull together some ideas to give your kitchen (big or small) some country chic.

I hope you like the ideas...

11 ways to create a cottage look kitchen

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

1. Store all of your fruit, veg, bread + laundry bits inside wicker baskets

Seriously, I have a ridiculous amount of love for everything wicker. I've said it once and I'll say it again and again. This versatile material is so easy to find in high street stores or charity shops. It gives texture and warmth to rooms in need of cosy-ing up (can a kitchen be cosy?) and it's a great way to bring the outdoors indoors.

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

2. Mix and match your tea cups like you have a porcelain addiction

Something I'm slowly but surely collecting (and salvaging from any charity shop in sight) are tea cups. You know, the ornate floral kind with very sweet gold rims and matching saucers? I found 4 for 50p in a second hand shop near me, and as I'm collecting all different types, I'm getting so much enjoyment out of my collection.

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

3. Opt for open shelves and welcome the cluttered look

I've seen DIYs on pinterest showing you how to remove parts of your existing kitchen cupboards to open up your kitchen and get a shelving look. Stacking gorgeous plates, pots and pans on open shelving is a great way to give your kitchen a cottage vibe. If you're brave you could use a cute vintage floral wallpaper to sit behind the shelves. So cottagey!

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

4. Paint existing cupboards or walls in muted tones from Farrow + Ball

I know I'm not the only one who loves Farrow + Ball, but really, they are THE paint choice of all choices if you want to channel the country/cottage vibe. Our kitchen has Farrow + Ball's Bone on some of the woodwork and it brings in a touch of English heritage. Their paints are all mixed with traditional, period decor in mind making it extremely difficult to get it wrong.

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

5. Rugs can sit in the kitchen too!

Kitchen rugs are all over pinterest at the mo. Rugs are fantastic genius little things that can totally change the space you're decorating. For a cottage kitchen look, I would opt for a half round crochet rug (bonus points if it's crocheted with plastic style, durable material for high traffic and a lot of cooking spillages) to sit near the sink to keep your tootsies cosy as you wash up. It's the little things!

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

6. Mismatched old wooden chairs are a must

...and if you can fit one in, get your hands on a rocking chair too. Adorn these bad boys with multi coloured crochet blankets for ultimate cottage chic.

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

7. Ditch bevelled tiling and opt for artisan crooked edges

Subway tiles are so on trend, but the straight edges never really appealed to me when I was choosing tiles for our kitchen. I knew I wanted the sought after white tile/black grout look but I also wanted a hand made touch that was less clinical. I opted for non-straight edge white tiles on black grout which some might say was a brave decision. We don't have clean edges, but I love them. Crooked = character-filled in my book. There are so many beautiful cottage look tiles out there, like THESE, THESE, or THESE.

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

8. If it's not being stored in a wicker basket, store it in a Kilner jar!

These beauties are from Silver Mushroom. I love them as they're a little different from the clear traditional jars. Homebase have a great selection of clear jar storage in their Kitchen section too, but for a different spin, try all white.

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

9. If you need mod cons, go for copper

Every kitchen needs a kettle, cocktail shaker and a microwave right? Sometimes stainless steel are the only option and that doesn't sit easy in a cottage kitchen. Where ever you can, opt for copper or antique gold / brass appliances.

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

10. Get yourself a quintessentially English radio, like, now

No cottage kitchen is complete without a vintage style radio. Pure have a fabulous range of digital radios. This one above is inspired by a fine Sanderson fabric / wallpaper. Possibly the cutest collaboration ever between Sanderson + Pure, wouldn't you agree? The Chelsea radio has been born, and looks none other than perfect whilst you butter your toast in your cosy cottage kitchen. Lots of affordable cottage-like radios like this one (love Emma Bridgewater!)

11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel

11. Grow your own herbs or daffodils + introduce some green

The beauty of cottage kitchens is how they have an outdoorsy feel without losing warmth from materials like wood, crochet and copper. How is this achieved? By adding filling your worktops and window sills with plants. A herb garden is a must in any kitchen. Plant in a long timber pot and you've nailed the look!

Want to see inside my home? Follow my Instagram where I share photos + interior styling inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, please give it a like or a share. Or pop on over and say hey on Instagram. Let’s chat!

Fifi xx

Images all thanks to:

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12

My 'Minimalist Boho' bedroom mood board + John Lewis £50 giveaway!

I can't tell you how effective it is to have a mood board on the go when you're decorating a room. If you're decorating without one, you risk losing direction and throwing a paddy. I speak of experience :) 

In the beginning, I used my pinterest boards to reflect what I wanted to achieve in my bedroom, but really, all it helped with was defining the overall style I want - minimalist boho - it didn't help with fine tuning the exact things that would pull the look together in real life. 

I have a free downloadable interior class that helps people define their style, and pinterest plays a big part in it. But for the later stages, developing a product board like the one above is the next step to seeing the look come to life before you commit to buy.

Once I've got an idea of the look I'm going for, I always play around with these sort of product boards to see how things I want inside the room, furniture and accessories, look together on paper. The board above is a sneak peek of what I created for our bedroom makeover a short while ago - what do you think?

Let me talk you through all the elements. 

I'd already decided on a grey/white colour scheme for the minimalist vibe, so I began by considering the furniture I already have that I wanted to keep along that theme (the Hemnes ikea bedside table I knew was staying), and slotted in the bigger things I want to replace - like the bed (I want to eventually have an upholstered headboard as opposed to my metal frame you can see in this interior blog post, to bring warmth). One that's particularly caught my eye is the Capri Wolf Grey from Made, but I doubt it will have the storage space underneath for me to sign it off with the other half! I'll find something perfect soon, and plan to buy it when money is not as stretched.

I then looked around for accessories from my favourite interior brands to bring in that boho feel. Take this caged pendant light for the ceiling for example, I love the copper tones and the intricate detailing that looks fab paired with the subtle colours and boho pattern on the Bohzaar New Paisley linen cushion. We since bought and installed a very similar light fitting along this theme, and my bed is adorned with gorgeous Bohzaar boho bedding. So progress is being made on that front.

For the floors, I know I want more rugs and texture. We have wooden floors throughout our flat which I adore, but I've also felt like bedrooms should have carpets. I don't know why. Maybe it's a cosy thing. Rather than paying for new flooring, rugs make complete sense and this grey geometric rug from urban outfitters would be perfect, layered with my sheepskin rug for added texture. 

I saw this absolutely stunning blanket on Toast's website. In fact, it's pretty hard to not find a stunning blanket on there. The whole collection I'm amazed with. It's a Chirali Bedspread that costs the best part of £200 but it is PERFECT for bringing a boho vibe with its reversible patterns. If money was no object, it would be mine. Perhaps I can find a knock off somewhere? My new challenge. 

Finishing touches would see some copper ornamental things on my bedside table and this sweet little bedside lamp. I actually smashed my Next lamp you can see in my bedroom makeover post as I was rushing to work the other morning which I'm gutted about, so a new lamp is needed asap. 

There we have it. What do you think of the mood board? Do you think I should add anything else to our room for a more boho vibe? 

Oh before I go, I have a special giveaway for you c/o the wonderful bunch at Foundry. Foundry design and sell contemporary lighting for the home. If you're after a minimalist feel and similar lights to the ones I've mentioned above, you should definitely check them out.

Enter the Rafflecopter below to potentially win a £50 John Lewis voucher from them and get styling your room minimalist-boho too!
All you have to do is follow my blog on bloglovin' for a chance to win. There's lots more bonus entries to be had too, so get stuck in. 
The winner will be announced on   Monday 18th October, you'll get an email from me if you've been picked. Please note this is open to UK residents only.
Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If your home decoration plans are lacking something, turn to nature

Beautiful landscape art and console table from graham and brown

I'm a proud brand ambassador for Graham + Brown   which means that every month  I introduce you to Graham & Brown's home trends  offering ideas to help style your home with their range of wallpapers and home accessories.  They have spectacular ranges, all fantastic quality too - and their wallpapers are a breeze to work with.

Read about their vintage floral  Northern Rose trend, candy colour Popsicle trend,  their Precious trend and  their fun 60s Eureka trend.

This month we're looking at Horizon.  

A trend that sees tranquil colours and luxury textures introduced  inside the home. Horizon is all about  focal points in a room bringing the outdoors in and  it's  influenced by nature all around us - from lapping oceans and seaside themed interiors, to cosy wood and wicker rooms inspired by fields and forests.

Nature has a huge part to play in interior design, and if at times you're looking at a room (maybe in your own house or a clients)  feeling like something isn't quite sitting right, it's usually that there isn't enough nature inside it. Think about plants, silks, woods, wicker and texture when you're decorating and don't be afraid to add elements of outdoor detail. 

Brightly coloured meadow cushions from graham + brown

I try to introduce elements of colour and design from country walks Neil and I regularly go on. In our living room we have lots of wicker baskets and a bare brick fireplace we are soon to install a wood burner inside. Whilst in my bedroom, since it's been in the middle of a redecoration phase (see the before and after shots here) it's lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. So I've introduced these beautiful silk-like Meadow cushions to temporarily give the room more colour and life.  

They have a really beautiful piping detail of purple around the edges, and the watercolour splashes of purple and yellow remind me of evening light and country drives. 

Brightly coloured meadow cushions from graham + brown

If you're less of a country bumpkin and more of a city girl, Graham + Brown have some really iconic wall art that would suit more modern looks. From urban landscapes made from water colour to cute framed pug pictures (I love these), there's lots of ways you can bring nature in to a home if you aren't brave enough to go all out with nature inspired wallpaper. But of course, if you're on the market for a statement wall, you've got to check out the new Honolulu Palm Green print that is so on trend at the mo. 

It's National Wallpaper Week from the 5th-11th October so stay tuned for more G+B love really soon. 

Follow the fun on twitter: @NWallpaperWeek

An interior brand I love: Trouva

I'm on a mission to introduce you to some of the UK's cutest interior stockists. Whether you're an interior stylist, budding interior assistant or just love finding home decoration sites to spruce up your home, keep an eye on this feature.

I'm working hard to collect a little black book with a list of favourite shops, so that for ANY interior look you want to achieve, all that's needed is a glance through my little black book to know where you'll find the goods. 

Last week I shared with you one of my all time favourite websites to find inspiring prints and wall art for your home, and even gave you a sneak peek of my bedroom makeover using those gorgeous products of theirs.

This week let me introduce a brand I'm new to, with a very 'sharing is caring' ethos you'll love. 

The brand is Trouva

Trouva are all about inspiring individuality. They work alongside some of the UK's talented independent designers to curate a marketplace full of unique finds for your home. 

I would probably say Trouva fits for more contemporary home styles although if you like to mix old and new, you'll find something too. They've curated a marketplace full of to die for geometric shaped lighting, cutting edge soft furnishings, and some of the sweetest patterned fabrics that would give any bed or sofa a facelift of joy in colour. 

If you're loving the scandinavian home trends at the mo, Trouva is a great place to shop for accessories in that vein. I love Scandinavian style, but sometimes feel that the scandi trend can be too stark black and white - monochrome isn't really my thing. I would introduce abstract colourful cushions and dip-dyed pastels to give it more warmth, and Trouva has a whole store brimming with joyous designs like this. 

I've got to show you some of my personal favourites from the website. First up, check out this handy chalkboard wall vinyl that would instantly jazz up an open plan space, office or kitchen. A particular hit with busy mum's I would imagine, this vinyl is unbelievably easy to stick up on a blank wall. No DIY skills needed (hooray). 

I would pair it with a peg board (like the one below) and use it to store chalks and pens, as well as some freestanding retro shelves or a console table styled with succulents underneath to give it balance. 

So, if you're channeling the modern vibe on a home decoration project, or fancy some new accessories to jazz up shelving or a bed or sofa, pay Trouva a wee visit. 

You'll end up with half the store on your wishlist (and you'll be supporting lots of independent designers in doing so!)

See more stockists I love ››

Hitting that 'eureka' moment when styling your home

You might be wondering what my obsession with Graham & Brown is over the past few months and well, I'm actually a brand ambassador for them, but sorta go a bit red in the cheeks when I consider myself a "brand ambassador" for anyone! Really, I'm just winging all things life and interiors and sometimes have to pinch myself when I realise I'm building incredible relationships with the people behind my favourite ever brands (I'm looking at you Suzanne!)

Being a brand ambassador means that every month, I'll be introducing you to Graham & Brown's home trends and offering ideas to help style your home with their range of wallpapers and home accessories. 

You can read my earlier posts for Graham + Brown discussing their Northern Rose, Popsicle and Precious trends.

This month I'd like to share with you my interpretation of Graham + Brown's Eureka trend. For me, eureka is that moment when someone walks into a room you've poured your heart and soul in designing and something has made them go 'wow'. There's nothing better than that feeling. 
Graham and Brown say: 

“The Eureka trend is a chance to create, delight and wonder, offering the opportunity to inspire others through your own interior design ventures. Creating a sudden, unexpected realisation to all those who enter the doors to your humble abode on how they can represent their own characteristics with colour and vibrancy."

So when I first think about the Eureka trend, out-there colour and pattern, my thoughts automatically turn to the retro / 60s look. It epitomises the trend. It's colourful, brave, out-there, adventurous and fun. And it's a look I'm obsessing over at the moment. 

After a recent shop around John Lewis with my mum and sister, when we were all reminded of our adoration for Orla Kiely's designs, I can't stop googling "60s furniture, 60s wallpaper, 60s homes" - just can't get enough. If I was designing a space to channel 60s vibes and give it some wow, wallpaper would be my first port of call and I'm loving the selection Graham + Brown are offering. There's either crazy designs a la above, or more muted, darker retro patterns like below. 

If I had to style a room from scratch in 24 hours (dream job alert) I'd kit it all out with teak furniture, 60s wallpaper, chunky shelving, lava lamps and big retro pendants. It would sorta end up looking like Austin Power's pad, I bet. But let's face it, he's an icon. 

Although not in the slightest bit 60s, I'm in the middle of styling our office space where I work full time and it does the Eureka trend very well with it's use of colour. We've got an accent wall of bright yellow in one of our meeting rooms, lots of colourful bean bags, rugs and wall vinyls and last week I teamed up with the lads to put up this crazy red brick effect Graham + Brown wallpaper. I can't wait to have more time to style it for photos. We're thinking regal style gold frames with quirky photos and art inside. 

Hope this post gave you some inspiration to be brave with wallpaper, I've had so many ideas just writing it! 

Remember if you're not sure what sort of style you want to go for, I have an interior class that will help you explore this. Go check it out! 

F x 

An interior brand I love: Old English Prints

I'm on a mission to introduce you to some of the UK's cutest interior stockists. Whether you're an interior stylist, budding interior assistant or just love finding home decoration sites to spruce up your home, you'll love this feature.

I'm working hard to collect a little black book of shops, so that for ANY interior look you want to achieve, all that's needed is a glance through my little black book to know where you'll find the goods.

You might even recognise the designs from this next company I want to introduce you to.

Meet Old English Prints. Aren't their designs gorgeous? They specialise in handwritten typography across pillows, cups + posters, so you can bring a personal touch to any room.

If you've ever watched Zoe Sugg's youtube videos, you'll have seen her lovely pillowcases, 'big spoon + little spoon' (which I simply HAVE to get my hands on!). The girl has a great sense of interior style, I'll give her that.

That's sorta where I found out about Old English Prints.

I got looking at their collection of inspiring quotes online, and loved their simplicity and variety of colours. You can simply find (or create!) a quote you love, choose the colours, and order. Then bam, they're in your letterbox a few days later.

I have a mini gallery wall I'm currently working on that I can't wait to reveal on here, which features prints from this lovely place and a gorgeous art deco mirror I've found.

I think I'm a little bit in love with their branding too. I can sense a whole sack of presents being purchased from their online store over the Christmas period. So glad I found them :)

Pay them a wee visit, you'll love what they have to offer.

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