Eclectic favourites from the Home Sense A/W 15 collection

Eclectic interiors from the Home Sense A/W 15 collection

I've been eyeing up Home Sense's Autumn / Winter collection today. It certainly caught my eye. 

Think cottages, cosy fires, blankets + eclectic, mismatched (but in a cool way) patterns, and you're on to a winner. 

In my world, nothing beats winter interior styling. Layers, cosiness and autumnal colour are so inviting and homely. 

When I was creating my Define your interior style class, I worked on a number of different exercises to find the best way to come up with your unique, individual style. During the process, I discovered it largely came down to interests and passions. If you take a look around a home, it has to speak volumes about the way you live life and the things you love to do. Without that, a room feels clinical and empty. 

Eclectic interiors from the Home Sense A/W 15 collection

When I worked through the class (which you're welcome to download for free by the way) I discovered my style had a strong folk feel to it. I was drawn to autumnal shades, furs, small herringbone prints and thick knitted textures. Very similar to the route Home Sense have taken with their new collection this Autumn, hence me sharing it with you right now. 

A few favourites in particular:

- that embroidered stool, £39.99
- those traditional printed storage tins, from £4.99
- that red wicker chair, £24.99

I've heard there will be lots of Russian inspired Eastern folk prints and textures hitting the stores come September, so make sure you stop in for a look, I know I will be.