An interior brand I love: Old English Prints

I'm on a mission to introduce you to some of the UK's cutest interior stockists. Whether you're an interior stylist, budding interior assistant or just love finding home decoration sites to spruce up your home, you'll love this feature.

I'm working hard to collect a little black book of shops, so that for ANY interior look you want to achieve, all that's needed is a glance through my little black book to know where you'll find the goods.

You might even recognise the designs from this next company I want to introduce you to.

Meet Old English Prints. Aren't their designs gorgeous? They specialise in handwritten typography across pillows, cups + posters, so you can bring a personal touch to any room.

If you've ever watched Zoe Sugg's youtube videos, you'll have seen her lovely pillowcases, 'big spoon + little spoon' (which I simply HAVE to get my hands on!). The girl has a great sense of interior style, I'll give her that.

That's sorta where I found out about Old English Prints.

I got looking at their collection of inspiring quotes online, and loved their simplicity and variety of colours. You can simply find (or create!) a quote you love, choose the colours, and order. Then bam, they're in your letterbox a few days later.

I have a mini gallery wall I'm currently working on that I can't wait to reveal on here, which features prints from this lovely place and a gorgeous art deco mirror I've found.

I think I'm a little bit in love with their branding too. I can sense a whole sack of presents being purchased from their online store over the Christmas period. So glad I found them :)

Pay them a wee visit, you'll love what they have to offer.