6 really FUN ways to define your interior style

Defining your unique interior style is hard, but who said it couldn't be fun? 

Find some time to play around with these quizzes and classes today, and see what recurring themes come up for you. 

Then go gettum! Decorate your home that's so you all over, you won't want to keep changing it and changing it. 

1. Lonny's MyStyle Finder quiz

Asking you everything from how you like to entertain, to which interior mood board grabs your attention. This is a fun, visual quiz that's surprisingly very accurate (well, for me it was anyway! I am supposedly madcat eclectic!)

2. Glo Quiz What's your design style?

Helpful for finding out which more generic style is suited to you, this quiz wasn't so visual but gets the interior imagination going.

3. Room for Change

Here's a playful web app that's a little more tailored to us in the UK. The quiz helps you work out which decade suits your personality best - fascinating stuff if you think the 60s whacky trends are for you. Put it to the test before you start painting and decorating. 

4. What's your decor style? with My Domaine

This one asks a lot of lifestyle based questions, matching up to define a look that works for how you love to spend your time. It's weirdly accurate too!

5. Houzz: What style of house should you live in?

Since this quiz asked me to pick amongst my favourite historical character, my favourite transportation and where I'd like to go on holiday, I was so surprised when the final result was exactly the type of home I'm dreaming of - a big farmhouse in the country! Try it too. 

6. Downloadable worksheet: How to explore your unique interior style

This takes a bit more thought than just flicking through questions. Grab a coffee, pull out your favourite notebook and pen, and get to work. If you're reluctant to letting a computer decide how to decorate your home, this class will help you decide for yourself. 

Have fun with these, and let me know what themes keep appearing for you. Mine were usually eclectic, period or country-chic related which I think is bizarrely accurate!