An Honest Review: Our Worcester Greenstar 32Cdi compact boiler

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Our Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact (Excuse the mess, it has been installed under our house in some sheds)

Our Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact (Excuse the mess, it has been installed under our house in some sheds)

We installed a Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact boiler in our house almost 3 years ago now and since we know some of you renovators are buying properties in need of boiler upgrades, we thought we’d give an honest review of ours. Boiler shopping is a minefield so we hope this review of ours helps if you’re considering a Worcester Greenstar 32CDi.

First, If you’re new here and unfamiliar with our renovation story, we moved into our 1930’s 3 bed semi-detached house with no central heating, the property wasn’t connected to gas and we survived on storage heaters and an extremely weak electric shower for a while before installing a full central heating system to the house including this boiler.

Our boiler requirements

Since we had minimal knowledge about boilers at the time we had to do some research to work out which boiler was right for us. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re in the same boat.

After a discussion with a trained heating engineer who came to inspect and quote for the full job, our requirements for a boiler were the following:

  • It must be able to power at least 11-12 radiators in an average sized 3 bed semi-detached

  • Provide hot water on demand, quickly, at a good pressure

  • Compact in size, it had to squeeze into an outdoor shed under the house with enough room to clear pipes and provide ventilation above it

  • Digital app control

  • Reliable!

  • Frost free - installing it outside, this boiler needed to have a mechanism in place to fire up if in cold/below 0 environments

Choosing the right boiler

We chose the manufacturer Worcester Bosch because we were so happy with our previous boiler. When we were looking at boilers there were two real options on the table for us:

  1. Worcester Greenstar Compact 28CDi

  2. Worcester Greenstar Compact 32CDi

“What’s the difference?” We hear you ask.

Well, we found out that the Greenstar 28CDi is a bit smaller and cheaper than the 32CDi. It’s a good boiler for a 2/3 bed house where you need to save room (it measures smaller than a 32CDi). However the 32CDi, although a little more expensive and larger, can easily deal with the demands of a 3 bed house with the potential of 2 showers and a lot of radiators.

We don’t have 2 showers, but if we ever want to extend into the loft, the Worcester Greenstar Compact 32CDi will handle an additional en suite no problem. We didn’t want to take any chances nor cut corners, so we chose the more powerful Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact boiler and we’ve been happy with it ever since.

Where to position a boiler

If space is an issue for you, a boiler like the 32CDi can quite comfortably be installed in an outside cupboard or garage. We were glad to hear the Worcester Greenstar Compact 32CDi has a safety flow through that kicks in when the temperature gets too low so pipes will never freeze. In terms of positioning outdoors, the small trade off might be that the boiler takes a tiny little longer to provide water (because it might be a little further away) but you do get that crucial indoors space back so that is a real win.

Boiler choice made: Worcester Greenstar Compact 32CDi

Our boiler is positioned outside in one of these cupboards under the house and it heats the water in the house and shower very fast while not being particularly close. We chose to install the boiler outside the house so it would be well out of the way as we continued to do our house renovations. It has also saved us lots of space in the kitchen, and didn’t interfere with our kitchen planning in any way.

We very rarely have to actually physically touch our boiler because of the Worcester Wave which is installed indoors and is controlled via an app (more on this later).

So we did a proper measure up in the cupboard and fitted a Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact which has been perfect for our heating and water requirements.

What is the Worcester Greenstar Compact 32CDi like?

We really couldn’t be happier with our boiler. We’ve had two winters (including the Beast from the East!) since we bought it and it has worked a dream. They say the best design is that you don’t notice, and this boiler epitomises this. We don’t even notice it’s there. Water comes out of the shower and taps just how we want it!

It services the house wonderfully, is easy to use when we have wanted to increase the temperature and when workmen have wanted to rebalance the heating - and it’s extremely reliable. We are very impressed with the quality of the boiler, having had no problems with it at all. Even if we did have issues, the boiler comes with a 10 year guarantee anyway and that has given us huge peace of mind.


We first installed the boiler long before we renovated our bathroom, and since we got our ‘rainfall’ shower head installed that’s when the full power of the 32CDi boiler has come into play. The water pressure is excellent. In fact, guests comment on it after they use the shower :)

The only tiny downside is that because we use the eco-mode setting on the boiler to save money it takes maybe 5 or so seconds to start heating water in the morning, but once it’s started the water comes gushing in a torrent that is so satisfying, you might want to stay in the shower for a bit too long!

In terms of how much it costs to run, we haven’t noticed it being a huge drain on our pockets outside that of normal heating bills. When we were doing research into boilers it was said to be one of the more economical boilers out there, and to that we can definitely agree.

Where did you buy the boiler?

We purchased this boiler directly from Amazon. Sometimes heating engineers like to source all the products themselves, then hit you with a ‘sourcing fee’ – so buying direct from shops like Amazon will give you peace of mind that you’re paying an honest price and you’re covered by any delivery challenges.

Often when you’re having renovation work happening, timing deliveries can be an issue – not with this boiler. Amazon offer it on Amazon Prime so when you know the boiler is being fitted, you can click, order and have it with you next day. That was so helpful for us when we needed the system installed ASAP (before Winter set in). Our heating engineer worked super quick and it was easier for us to buy what we needed and have it all ready for him to unpack.

What thermostat do you use? Is the Worcester Wave system good?

Our Worcester Wave Secreted away in a little niche in our hallway

Our Worcester Wave Secreted away in a little niche in our hallway

We fitted the Worcester Wave Thermostat to control the heating system digitally. There it is in our hallway.

We were blown away (in a very geeky way) when we saw how advanced the settings are on the Worcester Wave system, granted the app takes a bit of getting used to (as with any of these things). But once acquainted, you’ll soon see that the app has a super advanced array of different settings to customise your controls, automate your heating.

It’s great to be able to sit on the sofa, lie in bed or even go out for the day and before you get home connect to your boiler and change your heating settings so that your house can be all toasty when you return home.


If you’ve got a similar sized 3 bed semi-detached house like ours, we’d fully recommend the Worcester Greenstar Compact 32CDi. It’s got a great range of features accessed by the Worcester Wave app, we never worry about the heating, the water is always warm and strongly flowing and it is about as economical and ecological as you’re going to get with a boiler.

That said, be sure to talk in depth with your heating engineer to ensure you are buying the right boiler for your needs and your home. They will have a lot of experience and be able to advise you on the correct model.

We hope this post has helped on your quest to purchasing a brand new boiler.

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Thanks for reading,

Neil and Fifi xoxo