Look what we discovered when we lifted the carpets – No. 42

Anyone who's ever lived in a fixer upper will know of that impatience you feel to lift up all the carpets in the house the moment you move in, too eager to see whether the wooden floor boards are salvageable or not. 

Well I was no different. The day we moved in I swear there wasn't a corner of carpet left unturned. 



Throughout the house there's softwood pine floorboards in every room. You have to dig pretty deep through layers of carpet and lino in some of them but they're pristine condition having been covered for all these years. 

The wood is a little too soft for high traffic rooms so I'm not sure we'll have bare floorboards like our old flat, but I'm sure we'll decide soon enough. 

Anyway, upstairs in the master bedroom we had a workman round who needed to access the floorboards under the bay. 

When he lifted the crumbling shag pile carpet, look what he found...

A layer of newspaper used as underlay dating back to 1938, right before WW2 broke out. 

The workman called Neil up to see it all, I wasn't at home at the time – and they couldn't believe how well preserved all the paper is. 

Apparently it was a fairly common thing to do back in the 30s, put a layer of paper down before laying a carpet. 

See that "Did you MACLEAN your teeth today daisy?" advert? I plan to frame it in our bathroom. 

What a find, eh! :-)