My week in photos [002] My bargain Ercol chairs, yay!

It's December, yay!

Scary how fast that came along.

I'm so glad Neil and I managed to get our annual autumnal photo sesh in before the leaves disappear. If you missed that, read my latest post – The autumnal photoshoot.

To think, 2 weeks ago I was prancing around the woods in a thin poncho and jeans, and now it's the biggest cold snap ever down here in Brighton. 

It's been a productive week though. Are you ready?

First, I snapped up some gorgeous Ercol-inspired dining chairs from Gumtree. I saw them being sold at £25 each by a local dealer and couldn't message the him fast enough to buy them. Ercol chairs usually sell for £250+ each! Ok they aren't the Ercol brand but they're sturdy, great quality and will go well in our new shaker style kitchen when the renovation kicks off in 2017. 

Last weekend was a mix of DIY days and a Christmassy garden centre trip. I threw on a pile of jumpers and painted the door frame inside and out. Sanding, priming and a couple of paint coats. It was a surprising amount of work for such a small area as it's really fiddly, but overall really glad with the job. The exterior door was painted by Neil before it was hung. I was dead impressed by how well he did it :) We chose a gorgeous Platinum Sage colour by Valspar (highly recommend their exterior paint) and the inside of the door is all Wimborne White to match the trim of the whole house. You know I adore Farrow and Ball! 

Our favourite place to hang out these days is the garden centre (are we sad??) Specifically the South Downs Heritage Centre just before you turn off towards Clayton in Sussex. The place is amazing. Especially now it's wall to wall Christmas lights and decos! 

We originally went there to buy fireplace tools but came out with a trolley load of God knows what to fill the house...

The beginning of the week always starts well for me, with coffee shop interior inspiration and planning sessions with my work team. This coffee shop is Plenty, a skip away from our HQ in Brighton. It's got a proper industrial but warm, throw together appeal to it with huge floor to ceiling windows. I do love it there. 

The rest of the week saw the first mulled wine of the year, hours upon hours of trawling through eBay and Gumtree for a new wardrobe, dinner, wine and a long overdue catchup with the beauty Louise, a complete re-plan and move around of our bedroom...

...and we hired a (really crap) painter to come do the hallway. 

We have really unreachable areas on our landing so wanted a professional painter to come in and do the job right, but unfortunately his efforts were sloppy. It was the first (and probably the last) time we hired a painter to do anything in the house so we came away feeling a bit gutted. Until I realised that his work made my cutting in skills look INCREDIBLE in comparison, so I saw the whole thing as a financial investment in my ego ;)

Oh well you live and learn. 

What's on this weekend...? Hmm well, Neil and I initially planned a cosy one with Christmas decorating to be done, but it looks like we will spend most of it correcting the paint job in our hallway. Boo. But I am very excited for the week ahead as I'll be up in London staying with my sister to do a short course with the KLC School of Design studying everything interiors, I can't wait to share what I learn, and a PR Class with expert Janet Murray (love her work).

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a happy weekend!

Fi x