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True story. 

I spent about 4 hours in one day looking for the perfect wall art for our bedroom. It had to be something that suits us both as a couple, something that suited the colours of our room and most importantly the words had to mean something when I looked at it a whole year down the line, I tend to lose interest in things after a few months.

I ended up finding nothing. Then I realised.

You can totally make your own quotes, get them printed on Photobox, and buy a cheap or second hand frame to hang it. 

It's a fraction of the cost for something that's perfect for you, and essentially hand made. 

Here's one I made earlier (above). I'm still playing around with quotes, photos and colours before I print and hang something though. It's so much fun and I'm learning a lot about photoshop & design.

Curl up, it's 4 sleeps until Christmas!

Can you believe Christmas day is almost upon us?

I've spent the weekend wrapping presents listening to cheesy Christmas tunes and drinking red wine way too early in the day. Feeling very festive indeed :)

Our front room looks a bit like Santa's grotto at the mo; we've gone all out on decorations, logs in the fireplace, bauble filled vases, the lot. It's looking really special, so I decided to keep the rest of my place looking less festive but still cosy with splashes of bright colours here and there so as not to take away from the christmas-chic room.

I thought I'd share our new bedding from Argos' range with you. I try to freshen up the look of our room quite regularly by changing the cushions, blankets and duvet covers, and over the past few weeks I just haven't been able to get enough of the colour mustard, so when I saw these cushions and knew they had to be mine.

Argos wouldn't usually be the first place I look for cosy bits and bobs but they've recently collaborated with Habitat and have the NICEST range of bedding available. Have a little look here. I think these cushions will look fab from Winter to Spring, and I paired them with some simple crisp grey sheets so the colour pops. 

What do you think? :)

They were bargains too! £12 each for the floral cushions £4.99 for the poppy red cushion, £7 for the Habitat geometric pillowcase and just £10.99 for the grey double duvet set crazy good value.

Interior Bargains #8: The perfect Herringbone blanket

Grey/White Herringbone throw £10, Primark

Hallelujah. It's a miracle. I've knabbed myself a herringbone blanket that looks the part and didn't cost the best part of £90 like all the others I want online.

Not sure if you know of Bronte throws? Non? Well I've had my eye on their soft, pastel grey blankets since forever. There's something very traditional and 'farmer-chic' about them that I've fallen head over heels for. 

Whilst I save up for a much better quality, thick Bronte version to call my own and keep me warm on wintery nights, I picked up this rather bargainous stand-in for only a tenner. It certainly looks the part, although there's about as much heat in it as a cat in an igloo. 

I love the delicate grey print, the white tassels and the way it effortlessly tosses over the new love of my life (Chesterfield sofa) giving it a wintery feel. Shame it's very thin, but in this case, I don't mind channelling style over substance. 

What do you think? The blanket comes in lilac and green too (at least if I remember correctly).... Let me at 'em!

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How to spruce up your student home with just £20 | Back to Campus

As jealous as I am that all you student folks are on your long summer holidays at the mo, I'm not so jealous about you having to up sticks from your cushy, the-fridge-is-always-full-of-nice-food, family home to student accommodation at the start of the academic year.

I suppose student homes don't have to be bare walls and mouldy curtains, though. With the right high street finds, it's really easy to pimp out your shared space or halls on a budget. HomeSense (possibly my favourite home store on the high street) challenged me to put together ideas for sprucing up a student house with just £20 to spend and here's how I got on.

Jesus, there was a heap load of nice stuff to buy at cheap prices. I thought this was going to be difficult but I ended up having to leave loads of stuff I wanted behind!

Make it cosy with cushions

Cable knit duck feather cushion, £11.00, HomeSense

What do all the enviable bedrooms you see on Pinterest have in common? Yep, they have a stack load of gorgeous mis-matched cushions dotted as far as the eye can see. The single best way to make a room look more homely when you're far from family in your uni days is to stock up on soft cushions. Don't be afraid to layer up pattern and different textures, and go overboard! This one I picked up in HomeSense is packed full of duck feathers and makes a lovely addition to my ever expanding cushion collection. Dunno where I'm gunna find place for them all...

Get sophisticated with candle stick holders

Silver plated candle stick holder, £5, HomeSense Sale

If you're doing an evening soirée and would rather avoid strongbow-fuelled house parties, opt for more sophisticated homely look with cheap candle stick holders. They look great as a centrepiece at dinner or for jazzing up console/bedside tables. This one was just £5 in the HomeSense sale... one of those purchases where you palpitate with joy when you see the price, and dart to the till point.

Be creative with storage

Pastel orange bowl, £3.99, HomeSense

You've probably seen the beautiful Moroccan-inspired pattern bowls trending in interior land at the mo. They're a great addition to your bedside table.  For me, my pet HATE is seeing random bits and pieces all over window sills, shelves or desks. Y'know those things that you obviously don't wanna throw out but they just don't have a home anywhere? Like jewellery, plectrums, coins, matches, lighters... the list is endless. Well fear not OCD friends. Pick up some patterned bowls and cram the lot inside to make a house look spick & span in seconds.

Reckon I did well? Quite a lot of stuff for £20 I think. And if you have a whole house to fill, you could always keep £20 aside every month to go wild and add to your interior collections. It's always a slow process making a house look like a home, especially if you're on a tight budget, but I definitely recommend starting at HomeSense when you're on the market for unique finds.

Disclaimer: HomeSense gave me a gift voucher for this post but I wasn't obliged to write about them nor the topic. All my own creations :)

Interior bargains #7: More love for supermarket home buys

Aldi Vintage bed spread £24.99

Another one of Aldi's finest. Last week I featured Aldi's vintage cushion covers (one seen right there on me bed) and this week I've gone even more floral mad with this vintage bed spread from their new collection. Ok it's £25. Some wouldn't really call that a high street 'bargain' - but when you compare this to the price of say Holly Willoughby's scalloped edge bedding (which I ADORE, by the way) it seems like a damn good compromise. Scalloped blankets are beautiful, aren't they?

And I'll have you know this is a sensible buy too! Perfect for all those times you have friends drunkenly fall asleep on your sofa, perfect for rolling up as an added layer when you go camping, and even more perfect for making your room look as feminine as physically poss without your other half complaining. It's one of those 'will never go out of fashion' finds and I've seen similar stuff in the £50 mark, so BARGAIN IT IS!

Now all I need is a little cat to curl up with on it.... 

Happy shopping :)

Disclaimer: I was gifted this duvet spread from the Aldi press team but all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to write a post about 'em. 

FYI - striped duvet cover is from M&S (Similar to this) Bed frame is from Dunelm Mill a loooong time ago, and everything else is probably picked up from Kemptown Flea Market. 

Interior Bargains #6: Aldi's vintage home range

Bargain home interior ideas: vintage, country bumpkin cushions

Aldi cushion covers (vintage floral & butterfly) £5.99 each

Crikey it's been a fair while since I wrote on here. A mixture of summer sun, camping with the girls, nights of cocktail recklessness and getting the house looking a bit more homely has taken up a lot of my free time recently, not bad excuses are they?

In case you don't remember, I promised a post every Sunday featuring one interior bargain I'm mad about to give you inspiration to pimp out your house without breaking the bank. And here we are again (about 20 Sunday's later!).

Bargain home interior ideas: vintage, country bumpkin cushions

Raiding supermarkets is probably one of the most effective ways to pick up interior gems that look the part but cost so much less than designer items. We all know my love for Aldi's grub (seriously, you can do a whole weekly shop for half the price in there, what's not to love?) so when I heard they had a new home range - and VINTAGE at that - I absolutely pounced. 

Available across Aldi stores from the 31st July, these cushion covers are a delightful country-bumpkin addition to my new sofa. 

They're surprisingly good quality too. Usually if you opt for cheap vintage looks you compromise on the material and the pattern can be a bit off, but these cushions are heavy, tapestry-eque covers. Wow my vocabulary is on form today.  

They're kinda passable as being hand sewed. As long as you don't turn them over. The opposite side is plain cream which loses points for me, but still a bloomin' good bargain. 

Bargain home interior ideas: vintage, country bumpkin cushions

Bargain home interior ideas: vintage, country bumpkin cushions

Bargain home interior ideas: vintage, country bumpkin cushions

High five to Aldi for expanding upon their 'odds and sods' section they have at back of every store. I usually by pass all the plants, crocs, power hoses and other miscellaneous bargain-age and skip straight to the crisps but from now on I'll be having a right old rummage for more interior finds.  

Until next week!

Disclaimer: I was gifted these cushions from the Aldi press team but all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to write a post about 'em. 

FYI - Sofa is from DFS, Trestle stool is from an antiques store in Brighton, cup is from Urban Outfitters, Coasters are from Monsoon's range with Denby (all my own purchases and loved very dearly!!) 

Interior bargains #5: A splash of Orla Kiely

Interior bargains #5: A splash of Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Multi Stem Utensils Pot, £22, from a wee stockist in Fowey (but John Lewis stock them too!)

I missed last week's post as I was sunning myself in beautiful Cornwall with Neil & the family - had the best time ever, will share photos on here soon. But here I am, back again on a Sunday eve waiting for the roast to cook with just enough time on the clock to share another interior beaut with you all. 

It's fair to say this certainly isn't a bargain, but the blogasphere is mad for Orla Kiely stock and I'm all over it too. I had to feature it! The retro print of this utensils holder caught my eye whilst in Cornwall on Sunday. We took a trip into the tiny boutiques that lined the quay side in Fowey during our stay and when we saw this in one of the shops on the esplanade, we knew it would make a chirpy edition to our lovely kitchen. 

Interior bargains #5: A splash of Orla Kiely

The week before I was on the prowl for a utensil holder - since moving, we hadn't got round to buying a decent one that had enough room for my growing collection of wooden spoons & spatulas and I was umming and ahhing over the Le Creuset stoneware given how durable they are, and how much of a kitchen-snob I want to be! After a visit to the Steamer Trading Cook Shop on Ship St. Brighton (my new fave store) I had a look at one in real life and they just weren't as roomy as I thought. Nor were they that chirpy. Very basic colours and a limited range.

It's always nice to add a splash of pattern here and there for the eclectic vibes, and Orla Kiely's range ticks a lotta boxes. I'm desperate to get my paws on the matching sugar pot!

What do you think?

Interior Bargains #4: An unhealthy love for pyrex

Interior Bargains - Glass teacups, Bert's Homestore Brighton

Cappuccino cup & saucer, £2.50 for 2 sets, Bert's Homestore

Did you see last Sunday's bargain of the week? It's official. I'm obsessed with glassware, pyrex and see-through interior bits.

I picked up 2 of these 'cappuccino' cups & saucers from a delightful, and on of my all time favourite shops in Brighton - Bert's Homestore. I can't step foot into this retro palace without walking out with an arm load of vintage baking utensils, pretty cups or handy kitchen gadgets, and unlucky for the purse strings I now live about a 3 minute walk away from their Hove store.

Interior Bargains - Glass teacups, Bert's Homestore Brighton

These sets were priced at £2.50 for the pair but since heading back in, they're now £2.50 each. Think I must have picked 'em up when they were priced wrong, but still they're worth every penny, I'm about to buy 2 more. Happy to say that my long search for pyrex cups is now completo!

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Interior Bargains #3: A food bloggers dream

Natural Yogurt & Fruit Salad, yum!

Glass serving bowls, £1.66each Sainsburys

My mac power is almost about to die, I'm in too much of a comfy position to go get the charger and this post is mega late-coming #bloggersproblems.

This weeks bargain was a total whim purchase on my break from work t'other day. I popped in to stock up on soup and milky ways, took a detour down the home aisle in Sainsburys and saw these little babies that I know will make a regular appearance in my recipes featured on here for a long time to come!

Aren't they cute? And an absolute steal. I've been using them for all sorts - yogurt and granola breakfasts, small portion crumble & custard, and this fruit salad and natural yogurt concoction I whipped together before Neil & I sat down to Game of Thrones last Monday.

Natural Yogurt & Fruit Salad, yum! Like my interior bargain?

Natural Yogurt & Fruit Salad, yum! Like my interior bargain?

^ This stance made me lol

Natural Yogurt & Fruit Salad, yum! Like my interior bargain?

I can sense a glass-homeware obsession forming. Have you seen my other interior bargains in the series? Next week's is glass related too. What am I like!

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Interior bargains #2: The perfect jar for stashing cotton pads

Bathroom storage ideas ›› Storing Cotton Pads

Vintage Glass Barrel Jar, £3.99, Dunelm Mill

It's that time of week again! :) In case you didn't see last week's post, I've started a new Sunday feature showing you my weird and wonderful interior buys I've scoured the shops for to bring a homely touch to my new place, but for dirt cheap prices. Hopefully if you're looking for some items to spruce up your houses you might find some bargainous inspiration ;)

This week I have yet more bathroom storage, and even more Dunelm adoration lined up! 

Since first setting eyes on the Zara Home glass jars, I instantly swooned. Such an elegant addition to a bedroom or bathroom, and perfect for storing Q-tips, I told myself. Then I clocked the price tag and had palpitations. Who in their right mind would spend £16 on a glass jar when Dunelm Mill do an almost exact replica for a quarter of the price? This bad boy is the perfect addition to my bathroom storage, housing all my cotton pads - free from the dangers of spillages.

Bathroom storage ideas ›› Storing Cotton Pads

Bathroom storage ideas ›› Storing Cotton Pads

What do you reck? Do you stash your cotton pads in a pretty place too?

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