Interior Bargains #4: An unhealthy love for pyrex

Interior Bargains - Glass teacups, Bert's Homestore Brighton

Cappuccino cup & saucer, £2.50 for 2 sets, Bert's Homestore

Did you see last Sunday's bargain of the week? It's official. I'm obsessed with glassware, pyrex and see-through interior bits.

I picked up 2 of these 'cappuccino' cups & saucers from a delightful, and on of my all time favourite shops in Brighton - Bert's Homestore. I can't step foot into this retro palace without walking out with an arm load of vintage baking utensils, pretty cups or handy kitchen gadgets, and unlucky for the purse strings I now live about a 3 minute walk away from their Hove store.

Interior Bargains - Glass teacups, Bert's Homestore Brighton

These sets were priced at £2.50 for the pair but since heading back in, they're now £2.50 each. Think I must have picked 'em up when they were priced wrong, but still they're worth every penny, I'm about to buy 2 more. Happy to say that my long search for pyrex cups is now completo!

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