15 ways to affordably take your bedroom from summer to autumn

15 ways to affordably take your bedroom from summer to autumn

Whilst I'll miss all the sun, BBQs, prancing around the house in vest tops and shorts and all the al fresco G&Ts Summer brings, there's part of me that's looking forward to getting home and decorating our house ready for the Autumn. Here's 15 budget ways I'm turning my bedroom from crisp to cosy. 

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An interior brand I love: Artfinder

I'm on a mission to introduce you to some of the UK's cutest interior stockists. Whether you're an interior stylist, budding interior assistant or just love finding home decoration sites to spruce up your home, keep an eye on this feature.

I'm working hard to collect a little black book with a list of favourite shops, so that for ANY interior look you want to achieve, all that's needed is a glance through my little black book to know where you'll find the goods to create your dream rooms. 

Last time I shared with you a brand with a lovely "sharing is caring" ethos.

This week let me introduce a brand I'm turning to, to populate my home with (fairly) affordable art from independent artists - authentic art.

 Since moving into my own place, I've noticed that one of the trickiest parts of decoration, making  a house a home, is finding affordable art that speaks to you.  I despise art work that's mass-produced. Not in a poncey "art expert" kinda way. Not at all! It's  more the thought of canvases sold in Primark that seem to people, to be the only affordable option for them - and everyone has the same! I hate that. 

You'll see  in my "How to create a wall gallery (even when you're an unconfident decorator)" post that I try to source art work that has deeper meaning other than just suiting a room.  We have a very sweet quote I love, taken from Lord of the rings. Mine and Neil's fave film. 

Whatever you choose to hang on your walls should be sentimental  + meaningful to you. Whether it's a quote that inspires you, an illustration you love, or fond photographs and family memories. 

That's why I wanted to share Artfinder with you.

It's like an Etsy for art work. It's a place that champions the talents of  local artists from  97 different countries across the world, so you are sure to find something unique, affordable and meaningful to the places you've been to , lived in and love. 

My family are all from the Emerald Isle and I've been wanting to bring in concepts of my celtic heritage to my home. I've been spending a lot of time on the Artfinder website to discover new and emerging Irish artists, and scenes from Sligo + Mayo, where we spent many a family holiday, and have found some stunning paintings in different colour schemes available for me to get hold of. The above is a painting by Lesley Birch and I've pulled in colours and fabrics to fit how I'd scheme the room around it. I'd use Sligo Oatmeal fabric from Ulster Weavers (I love the herringbone, tartan, celtic feel) to complement the look. 

Artfinder also have  a whole array of Brighton artists (this city has a huge art scene I was surprised at a simple search flagging up over 10 pages, whereas Ireland had much fewer!) . Tania Rutland is one to watch for moody and atmospheric works, but there are lots of sketchy  illustrative styles for a more modern look too. 

I urge you to have a look around the Artfinder website for places that mean a lot to you. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the art work you'll find from even the most remote places. 

What sort of  art do you love inside  your home? Are you on the market for things to hang on your walls?

Fi xoxo

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Hitting that 'eureka' moment when styling your home

You might be wondering what my obsession with Graham & Brown is over the past few months and well, I'm actually a brand ambassador for them, but sorta go a bit red in the cheeks when I consider myself a "brand ambassador" for anyone! Really, I'm just winging all things life and interiors and sometimes have to pinch myself when I realise I'm building incredible relationships with the people behind my favourite ever brands (I'm looking at you Suzanne!)

Being a brand ambassador means that every month, I'll be introducing you to Graham & Brown's home trends and offering ideas to help style your home with their range of wallpapers and home accessories. 

You can read my earlier posts for Graham + Brown discussing their Northern Rose, Popsicle and Precious trends.

This month I'd like to share with you my interpretation of Graham + Brown's Eureka trend. For me, eureka is that moment when someone walks into a room you've poured your heart and soul in designing and something has made them go 'wow'. There's nothing better than that feeling. 
Graham and Brown say: 

“The Eureka trend is a chance to create, delight and wonder, offering the opportunity to inspire others through your own interior design ventures. Creating a sudden, unexpected realisation to all those who enter the doors to your humble abode on how they can represent their own characteristics with colour and vibrancy."

So when I first think about the Eureka trend, out-there colour and pattern, my thoughts automatically turn to the retro / 60s look. It epitomises the trend. It's colourful, brave, out-there, adventurous and fun. And it's a look I'm obsessing over at the moment. 

After a recent shop around John Lewis with my mum and sister, when we were all reminded of our adoration for Orla Kiely's designs, I can't stop googling "60s furniture, 60s wallpaper, 60s homes" - just can't get enough. If I was designing a space to channel 60s vibes and give it some wow, wallpaper would be my first port of call and I'm loving the selection Graham + Brown are offering. There's either crazy designs a la above, or more muted, darker retro patterns like below. 

If I had to style a room from scratch in 24 hours (dream job alert) I'd kit it all out with teak furniture, 60s wallpaper, chunky shelving, lava lamps and big retro pendants. It would sorta end up looking like Austin Power's pad, I bet. But let's face it, he's an icon. 

Although not in the slightest bit 60s, I'm in the middle of styling our office space where I work full time and it does the Eureka trend very well with it's use of colour. We've got an accent wall of bright yellow in one of our meeting rooms, lots of colourful bean bags, rugs and wall vinyls and last week I teamed up with the lads to put up this crazy red brick effect Graham + Brown wallpaper. I can't wait to have more time to style it for photos. We're thinking regal style gold frames with quirky photos and art inside. 

Hope this post gave you some inspiration to be brave with wallpaper, I've had so many ideas just writing it! 

Remember if you're not sure what sort of style you want to go for, I have an interior class that will help you explore this. Go check it out! 

F x 

Step by step guide to make your home more colourful

I was inspired by Graham & Brown's press release last week, introducing popsicle colours to interiors. Think washes of watercolours married with strong statement fabrics. I love it. It's a particularly nice trend for the Summer months.

Here's how I'd introduce colour to a room step by step. I hope it helps you if you're thinking about redecorating. 

1. Choose 3 key, bright colours that complement one another 

And use these colours to guide your choices when you're out shopping for room accessories. Opt for materials, furnishings and statement furniture in these shades... but don't go overboard. Limit yourself to 30% of the room in these colours. 

You might notice the shades I've chosen resemble my blog design. There's something about these 3 contrasting shades that I love together, although I think it breaks every design rule in the book. Clarke & Clarke have some brave and beautiful fabrics for every home that continue to inspire me (see the pic on the right for an action shot). All of these shades are taken from their material collection and can be used for upholstering anything from cushions to sofas to curtains for a bold statement.

2. Next, find a texture or base shade that complements the colour scheme 

Think about neutral shades for this. Ideally a blank canvas paint you can coat on the walls in a muted tone that plays down all the bright colours yet brings them together. 

Valspar paint is a fantastic choice if you want to give your walls a fresh lick of paint. With over 2,000 pre-mixed colours, the choice doesn't stop there. If there's a fabric colour you want an exact match with, they can mix it identically for you. We recently painted our bedroom a matt, neutral 'Summer Gray' from Valspar's collection which was a dream to work with. I'll show you photos once the place is tidier ;)

Don't feel obliged to coat your room all one colour though, you could choose to wallpaper one accent wall for more texture to pastel colours. I love this Vintage Flock design by Kelly Hoppen for Graham & Brown. It's neutral enough to not clash with colours, and adds a bit more detail to the primary shades I've chosen. 

3. Invest in good quality furniture with changeable covers

I often find myself wanting to change colours schemes regularly particularly when I see how fast interior trends change. Furniture stockists like Loaf make it totally possible to buy an excellent quality piece of furniture with the ability to change the covers. Their range of materials are next to none. If I was on the market for another sofa, I'd ditch DFS and head to Loaf as my first port of call. Delivery is a million times faster than highstreet chains too, so you won't have to resort to camping chairs for 10 weeks like we had to when we bought with DFS. The classic button style Dixie sofa in Bahama plush velvet would look beautiful with contrasting cushions from Clarke & Clarke

4. Make a pinterest board of home furnishings you love in shades that work with the scheme

This is my favourite past time. Take a look at the board I made when I re-decorated my mum's bedroom. She loved the colour lilac, so I went mad on creams and purple tones to decorate her room with. George at Asda enabled me to redecorate her room in under £200, their homeware range is fantastic if you're working to a budget. 

The pro's of making a pinterest board of all your potential purchases is that Pinterest can alert you when products go on sale, so you can hang about and save pennies whilst getting creative. High fives all round. 

Some things I'd pin for this look:

Chevron throw - Oliver Bonas
Watercolour canvas quote - Graham & Brown
Pineapple candles - Oliver Bonas
Leila pouffe - MADE

I hope this has inspired you to add new colours to your rooms. I think it pays to be daring when you're redecorating. If it doesn't work out, it can always be replaced. 

Every home needs a persian rug

Cheap persian rugs on Wayfair

And as it turns out, Persian rugs don't have to be ridiculously overpriced. 
Whilst saving up to move into my own flat, I vowed that once the estate agent handed me the keys (one of the happiest moments ever) there were 3 things I needed to have within the first year of owning to make the place feel truly mine. The first, a chesterfield sofa. The second, an open fire. The third, a Persian rug. That was our to-buy list and ever since Neil & I haven't taken our eye off the vision.

Styling a persian rug in the living room
I love traditional, cosy living spaces. Prior to moving in, every time we went to a country pub together we'd sit as close as possible to the fire and chat about the similar look we want in our home. You'd probably imagine chesterfields, fireplaces and persian rugs don't usually come cheap especially when you have to fork out on opening up the chimney breast and installing a flue. It's in the works and has taken a fair while to save for, but it'll happen, and our Chesterfield sofa sorta just happened too. Amazingly we got lucky with this persian rug. 
Once we settled in to our flat, got some funds together and started looking around for the perfect rug for a cosy feel we began to think a persian rug was seriously out of sight price-wise. The nicer patterns tend to sell for upwards of £700 and we even saw rugs that crept into the thousands. I just couldn't justify the spend. 

Styling a persian rug in the living room Until I found myself on Wayfair UK that is. Wayfair just made my interior vision a whole lot more attainable. Think quality craftsmanship with Ikea prices, it's the dream store.
I saw this beautiful Barefoot Artsilk medallion persian rug and gasped at how perfect AND reasonably priced it was. £80 for a 2m x 1.3m rug, the perfect fit for our living room, I couldn't quite believe my luck. 

It has cream coloured tassels, it's low pile, very thin, has a non-slip grip underneath and is the exact pattern I have been on the market for - yes it ticks every box in the book. 

Wayfair, this is just the beginning of a big interiorsy love affair. I'll be back to kit out the rest of my place. 

Copper interior = Perfect

My little blogging cat Sally is to blame for this one. I'm head over heels for copper. Like a magpie adorning it's nest, if I see even the slightest glimpse of copper in a shop I'm ready to pounce. A recent copper haul saw me carting home a stunning round mirror from Oliver Bonas. A pair of regal, copper candlesticks from Home Sense. And a cute copper salt and pepper two-some for the table. 

I spend a lot of my time trawling the interwebs for cute finds for the home, and when Sally sent a link for me to check out Mur Lifestyle on twitter not long ago, I fell in love at one click. 
I thought I'd share their shop with you today. They don't have a massive selection of products since (I think) they've just started out. But everything they sell, I want. And they have a cute story to tell. 
Visit www.murlifestyle.com for a slice of interior inspiration.
P.s, I've been in no way endorsed for this post. Just genuine love people. Just genuine love. 
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