HOWDENS VS IKEA: Why we turned down an Ikea kitchen for Howdens

HOWDENS KITCHEN, Fairford Cashmere

HOWDENS KITCHEN, Fairford Cashmere

When we were looking into which kitchen supplier was right for us, there were a few candidates on the table.

We were on the market for something budget to mid range, a shaker style, and good quality that didn’t take weeks to be delivered as some kitchen suppliers do.

So inevitably, Ikea kitchens, Howdens and B&Q were on our hit list.

Our first flat had a Howdens kitchen and we were impressed with the beating it took over the years (!) but we didn’t let this get in the way of a getting a good deal, if it meant getting a similar quality for a better price, so we gave Ikea kitchens and B&Q kitchens some real consideration too.

In this post we want to share with you our thoughts on all 3 and what made us end up choosing a Howdens kitchen.

Why we turned down ikea kitchens in favour of Howdens


1. Ikea have a gorgeous range of kitchens but require more man hours to fit

Our builders gave us some advice that I couldn’t stop thinking about when we were in the process of choosing a new kitchen, and that was: “Fi, Ikea kitchens are lovely, they’re good quality, they’re affordable, but they take a lot longer to fit… think about your choice wisely.”

First off I thought, were they just being very biased because Ikea instructions are a somewhat nuisance to read. But then I thought deeper… It was going to take double the time to fit it, and beside that meaning a longer wait until us getting our dream kitchen, it would have cost us double in labour costs.

Why? Because of this point below…

2. Ikea kitchens don’t arrive pre-built like Howdens and B&Q kitchens are

Now, it was 2016 when we got our Howdens kitchen fitted, and I don’t know if Ikea have since upped their kitchen game, but you know the white base units that make up the structure of a kitchen? Howdens deliver those pre-built, Ikea don’t. If you’ve got a medium to large sized kitchen, that’s going to take a lot of unnecessary man hours just to save some cash! Thus, not really saving you cash in the long run if you’re paying someone else to fit it.

ikea kitchens vs howdens kitchens

3. We weren’t overly impressed with B&Q’s kitchen ranges

Now onto B&Q. A great selection of worktops there – everything from wood, to granite, to laminate – at pretty affordable prices. This impressed us. But we just didn’t fall in love with any of their kitchen styles. Their shaker cabinets are borderline old fashioned. We wanted something a little more timeless, so that left B&Q out of the equation.

4. Howdens have local warehouses making deliveries far faster, and any extras needed, more convenient to get hold of

If you’re on the market for a kitchen supplier don’t overlook the convenience of their warehouse being close by. When you’re 75% of the way through the fit of your kitchen, and you realise you need an extra length of kick-board, the last thing you want is to have to wait weeks for it to arrive/be delivered leaving you with an unfinished kitchen and your builder needing to schedule in more work with you later. Howdens have all local branches across the UK and are extremely trade friendly, meaning your builder/joiner can drive in, pick up any extras and get it fitted for you the same day.

Thoughts overall + cost

There are lots of other reasons why we chose a Howdens kitchen which we’ve shared in this post, if you’re interested. Our full Howdens price list is featured within our budget planner too, if you’re curious to see the costs. We are so happy with the decision we made and 1 year on, we’re still as in love with our kitchen.

We really hope some of what we shared in this post helps you choose a kitchen that becomes heart of your home for many years to come <3

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