A Spooky Halloween dinner | The Ivy Brighton

The Ivy Brighton Halloween

The Ivy in Brighton is the place to be this Halloween. The decoration, the Zombie cocktails, the all-out-spookiest-dessert-I’ve-ever-witnessed-on-a-menu, it’s by far the classiest place I’ve ever spent a spooky night, and if you still don’t have plans… they’ve got an INCREDIBLE Thriller Night happening this Wednesday 31st to book into.

Gutted we couldn’t make their Thriller Night this Wednesday, we were determined to experience The Ivy’s Halloween decor and menu in all it’s glory. So last night Neil and I wined and dined for the first time there, and had some spooky treats to get us geared up for the Halloween week ahead.

Our table was booked for 6.45pm, but we didn’t actually enter the building until 7 because we couldn’t stop taking pics of the Halloween decor outside! 😂

When we eventually did go in, I was just as taken back by the interior decor. I knew I would be. It felt like we were inside the film set for Midnight in Paris.

We started with Zombie cocktails at the most beautiful bar I’ve ever witnessed. It honestly felt like we spent the night in Paris.

The Zombie cocktail though… Brugal 1888 rum, grenadine, apricot brandy, lime juice & pineapple juice, delivered with all the zombie eyes. Delicious! I could have got carried away and drank 5.

After our Zombie cocktail at the bar, I couldn’t wait any longer… I HAD to go check out the most Instagrammable loos in Brighton. I grabbed the camera off Neil and went in armed, didn’t care what people thought of me, papping til my heart was content.

They’re even nicer in real life, seriously…

The Ivy Brighton Halloween
The Ivy Brighton Halloween toilets
The Ivy Brighton toilets
The Ivy Brighton toilets

After cocktails and a swoon at the loos, we sat down at our table to a 3 course meal.

To start, Neil had divine Wasabi Prawns, I had a delectable Duck Salad, and we did our usual bit of swapping and trying each others. The food and service was next to none.

I had the Lamb shoulder for mains, so tender, impeccably presented, and Neil had steak served with fries and green salad which paired perfectly with the manager’s choice red wine.

Neil and I spoke about how refreshing it is that there are places we’re discovering in Brighton where you can really make an effort to dress up and not feel silly. It’s not often we go out on dates like this, but when we have done in the past, it’s been to places like Nando’s (which I love don’t get me wrong!) and we’ve felt a bit daft putting a dress and shirt on, dusting off my heels for pretty much a fast food restaurant (it doesn’t stop me though ha!)

We spoke about how glad we are that Brighton now has The Ivy amongst it’s repertoire of restaurants, as you can comfortably go in wearing bare legs, a nice dress and heels and not feel silly in front of other guests.

This restaurant is really special. Perfect for occasions.

The Ivy Brighton
The Ivy Brighton

The Ivy’s Halloween dessert was simply the showstopper of the night. I had to make that sentence bold, it was THAT good. I won’t do too much writing, I’ll let the pics do all the talking and just say…. you NEED to pop in to The Ivy to try out their pumpkin Halloween dessert while you have the chance. That is all…

The pumpkin is made from white chocolate! When our waitress presented it I gasped with happiness 😂 She poured a hot raspberry lava sauce over the top, and like Halloween magic - poof! - it melted the pumpkin before my very eyes.

Inside…? Matcha ice cream made to look like pumpkin seeds, I mean, need I say more?!

When it came to the end of the night we felt so glad we had been somewhere special to celebrate Halloween. It’s not a huge thing in our country (not like America anyway) but it’s a brilliant excuse to do something memorable, and that’s exactly what last night was.

We can’t recommend The Ivy highly enough if you’ve still to make plans for Halloween.

Thriller Night is on Wednesday 31st October with resident Zombie dancers, DJs, skeleton contortionists, guest performers and… bloodcurdling cocktails. You can’t miss it.

Book at table at www.theivybrighton.com/thriller-night

Neil and I were invited to The Ivy Brighton as guests in exchange for photography and promotion. All views completely our own.