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If you spotted the Gender Reveal party I threw for my sister in April, you’ll know all about my mission to celebrate important times in mine and my loved one’s lives this year. Rather than let them pass me by in the blink of an eye.

I’ve never been one to make much of a fuss of birthdays, Christmas, promotions or reaching goals for example, bar the odd glass of wine to celebrate, but spurred on by Portmeirion’s #GetTogether campaign, I’m changing that this year.

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What is the #GetTogether campaign?

Portmeirion were shocked to discover a mere 39% of families regularly eat together, so in a bid to tackle this, they’re encouraging more families and friends to Get Together and create moments to remember.

I absolutely love this campaign. It’s now my goal to arrange mini-celebrations and gatherings at the times that matter this year – making more of an effort.

Celebrating a new chapter

Last weekend Neil and I began a new chapter which he wrote all about in this post: From Renovation to Revelation: How doing up our house has opened new doors.

After months of dust, sweat and tears, we finally launched our first e-course to help first time home renovators navigate the unknown when fixing up a house. It’s called the How to Renovate a House Online Course and on the day we launched we were met with such amazing support!

Knowing just how much work we put in and how big this leap was for us, I took the opportunity to plan a small gathering to celebrate the milestone, styling up a brunch with gorgeous Water Garden plates and accessories from Portmeirion. The Water Garden range is one of my favourite ranges Portmeirion offer at the moment, with the wide variety of matching looks like their 3 piece teapot, milk jug, and sugar bowl set, and the cute Water Garden Mug & Tin set. Perfect for a Fifi McGee gathering!

portmeirion water garden plates
Portmeirion Water Garden plates
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It was probably the sweetest breakfast I’ve ever had! Croissants my sister made, gin & tonic flavoured marshmallows, tea & toast – so many leftovers I had to feed to the birds later on!

Bringing colour to our house

I think what I really liked most about setting up for the morning, was the level of colour brought into the room simply by the use of Portmeirion’s stunning tableware and a few accessories.

It’s not often this corner of our kitchen diner space sees colours like bright yellow, blue and pink (my Fifi brand colours!) I prefer a more neutral decor. But what the set up taught me was that colourful plates and table accessories give you the ability to mix and match colours in your dining area, in an uncommitted way. They can easily be stored away and brought out seasonally, or when you fancy changing the look of your kitchen table, for example. Fresh flowers are another way to achieve this.

It was really lovely to relax a little, with a cuppa and some nice breakfast bits after a long week getting our online course ready for enrolment (I got Neil on photography duty though, no rest for him!)

The same weekend, I invited my Mum, Sister and Nan over for a cuppa and couldn’t help but bring out the Portmeirion Water Garden set again to present a few cakes and biscuits on for them.

My mum fell in love with the simple but beautiful pattern, so before she left, I packaged up and gifted her the full Water Garden 12 piece set, to take home and enjoy.

She was in need of a beautiful new plate set as her current plates are heavy stoneware that she’s had for years. They’re difficult to lift together in a stack, never mind wash up.

She was thrilled with the set as it is perfect for quick and easy hand washing (she doesn’t have a dish washer although they are dishwasher compatible), plus they brighten up her kitchen beautifully :)

The milk jug, sugar bowl and teapot set on the other hand, I have just the place for them! – when not in use they’ll perch on the corner of our worktops, they’re too nice to hide away!

What’s the next #GetTogether you’re planning?

I’m delighted to have been gifted these beautiful items from Portmeirion for our gathering. I’ve featured Portmeirion on my blog many times before as I adore the brand, their pottery and ethos in celebrating life’s special moments, so highly recommend you pay them a wee visit if you’re on the market for some special items for your gatherings.

Share your special moment with the hashtag #GetTogether, and thank you again for reading this!

Fifi & Neil xoxo

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