The average cost of a bathroom renovation (and how we budgeted for ours)

average cost of a bathroom uk

Since the day we got the keys to our fixer upper, we put the bathroom renovation to the bottom of the priority list.


I know, it strikes most renovators we speak to as crazy when we tell them we left it until last, as typically the bathroom is one of the first rooms to get done.

We had other priorities like the kitchen diner renovation downstairs, and we really wanted to save a little longer for our bathroom, to get the job done well.

average cost of a bathroom uk

Having never saved for a bathroom renovation before, like you, we were oblivious as to how much it would cost to fit a bathroom!

Labour, tiles, plumbing, electrics… how do you even calculate how much it’s all going to cost you so that you can save effectively and plan when you can start the work?

Well, Neil spent many, many hours gathering costs for bathroom renovations online, calling suppliers and getting quotes in to find out the average cost of UK bathroom renovations. And with his information, we were able to form a rough plan, outlining our bathroom budgets to understand exactly how long we had to save for before we could start the work.

So, what is the average cost of a bathroom in the UK?

Our research led us to discover that the average cost to fit a bathroom in the UK can range from up to £1,000 (if you're only replacing a new bathroom suite) to anywhere near £8,000 for a light remodel, labour, electrics, plumbing, plus budget to mid range finishings.

Of course, as will all renovation work, costs depend on the size of your bathroom, what sort of damage you may unearth if walls come down and baths get ripped out, plus your location may increase labour costs. So always itemise your budgeting to get as granular as possible, then add 10% on top to cover you for any unforeseen issues.

average cost of a bathroom uk

What's the best way to manage a bathroom renovation budget and work out your costs?

At first it can feel like you’re wading in a sea of unknowns when you start to plan and budget for a bathroom renovation. Perhaps what’s even more disconcerting is that you’re working with water here and there is high chance of water damage, pipes leaking, and condensation issues that could arise if the bathroom project isn’t managed and executed well, which will ultimately increase costs (it happened to us! Boo!)

Then there’s the fact that all bathrooms and tastes are different, so really, you need a completely bespoke budget for your bathroom before you can commit. Our best advice is to (like we did) download a house renovation cost spreadsheet, then item by item, research what you think every last tile and nail will cost you, listing the estimated costs as you go. Then add 10% contingency to cover you for any extra costs you didn’t foresee.

average cost of a bathroom uk

We used our renovation bundle to estimate and track costs for all of our rooms not just the bathroom, and plan the project being generous with our estimates and time. It’s better to be overly pessimistic about what your bathroom will cost, than list costs for your vanity. Tracking bathroom costs in this systematic way will help you control your budgets, and prevent costs from spiralling once work does start happening.

How much did our bathroom end up costing us?

Our bathroom isn’t anything overly special. It’s quite a modest remodel, as bathrooms go. We love it, but put it this way, we could have opted for higher end items within it if money allowed. We didn’t do things completely budget either. The floor tiles for instance, are mid-price range, but we chose laminate marble-effect worktops for the vanity unit and not real marble (a girl can dream though!).

average cost of a bathroom uk

The total cost was near to the £8K mark in total. We’ve itemised everything from bathroom labour costs, plumbing, electrics, tiles, bathroom suites and more within our downloadable renovation budget planner. So take a look there if you would like to see more granular costs to do a bathroom makeover of this scale. You’ll find all our house costs in there too if you’re renovating other rooms.

I hope this post has helped you understand rough costs for a bathroom renovation in the UK. If you got value from this post, be sure to visit our Renovation Advice page for more stories and tips if you’re renovating a house.

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