Month in pictures: June 2013

The months are absolutely shootin' past us eh? In about 10 weeks, summer (or what we had of one) will soon be over and I won't have got chance to stun the world with my deathly pasty legs. Hurry up sunshine, I gots me a bottle of fake tan to delve into.

What a epic June it's been though...

A snap from last week's foodie festival in Brighton

Chinese on such a large scale we had to take it to the floor 

Snoopers attic - cutest vintage shop me eyes have ever seen

Blackbird tea rooms with some OC ladies I net travelling 3 years ago - Pretty

Regular trips t'garden centre

If I ever had my own shop, I'd have cool packaging like this :)

 Meet Yoda the succulent. Aint he cute. My cactus garden is growing.

Just check out that tea cosy by the knitters at Temptation. Stunned.

These little bad boys greeted me on my desk one Friday

I tried tortoise for the first time

Switched my style up so I would blend in with zebra crossings

Sun setting in London. The only time I've ever taken a photo of that concrete jungle