Tip-off Tuesdays: Drink chamomile tea

Here's a bit of a different tip this Tuesday. Thought it best to get it out there before our fleeting summer comes to an end! Chamomile tea is a brilliant summer-alternative to good ol' sturdy English tea during the hotter months, when the thought of drinking a freshly brewed cuppa makes you even sweatier. Although it needs to be brewed in boiling water to release all it's infusions, if you wander off and forget about it whilst slapping your make up on in the morning, you can still drink it when cold without wasting a tea bag. In fact, it's got a really refreshing, soothing after taste when it's left to cool. And the health benefits are unreal.
  • It's great for insomnia. All you night owls that worry about early mornings should get a mug of this down you before you hit the hay. It's like nytol in a cuppa.
  • It helps calm anxiety. One cup has the opposite effect of standard tea, particularly good if you have to steer clear of too much caffeine which can really trigger panic and palpitations. 
  • It's a cure for migraines. If you drink chamomile tea as soon as you get migraine symptoms like flashing lights or tunnel vision, it relieves the headache from getting any worse. Worth a try if you're a sufferer.
  • It relieves stomach cramps and IBS. I did a bit of research on this and apparently chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory constituents which is great for treating the stomach and intestinal cramps.
I'm a massive fan of herbal remedies as opposed to knocking back Ibuprofen left, right and centre. Definitely give chamomile tea a shot whether you have these health issues or not, it tastes really unique, it has virtually zero calories and smells like a midsummer nights dream. aaah <3

Do you have any herbal remedies you swear by? Have you tried chamomile tea? I stock up on Higher Living teas whenever I'm in Infinity Foods in Brighton. Check out their range of teas (and super cute branding).