Brighton rock all over body scrub & massage | Spa at The Grand | Review

I'm not really the type to enjoy being primped and prodded. I'm probably the most low maintenance girl you'll ever meet (like I brush my hair once every two weeks, and that's only if it needs it, low maintenance) but after having an all over body scrub & massage at The Grand Hotel in Brighton last week, I was overcome with the desire to be a footballers wife and live the high life.

The Grand Hotel have just opened up a new Spa this May and my God. I want to live there. It's so beautiful, I got strange looks from people for taking so many photos. Don't think they appreciated all the camera noises whilst they were trying to relax.... anyway. All interior aside, the treatment was none other than f$*!ing incredible (and no this is not a sponsored post!).

My wonderful bosses treated me the Brighton Rock all over scrub & body massage, lucky me eh?!

When I arrived I was brought into the changing rooms, given a dressing gown and slippers to kick back in, and was left to my own devices in their relaxation room to fill up on as much tea, coffee & cake as I wished. HAPPY LADY already.

Next, I went into a candlelit treatment room where the lovely Justine (yes, I'm like one of those tripadvisor reviewers who, wherever they go, HAVE to know the girls name on reception to quote in their online write-up) greeted me and let me choose between lots of different oils for the treatment. Of course, I have no idea whats what with aromatherapy products, so after 5 minutes becoming a little dizzy from all the sniffing, I chose a detoxifying oil (too hard to pronounce the actual name of it, soz). It's made me want to invest in more spa-like products in future. Something I've really refrained from doing given the price tag. 

The all over body scrub came first, not too rough & not too soft - high fives all round. I then had to go into the next room, shower it all off and prepare for an hour of massage bliss. My skin already felt un-be-lieeevably soft. As for the massage afterwards, it was pretty damn good. Totally not awkward like people might think, either. I worried about not chatting for a whole hour and a half, but it turned out a lot easier than I thought ;)

Two things to note, however. If you're heading for a massage any time soon, don't turn up feeling hungry! My stomach rumbled the whole way through which was a bit cringe. I should have shoved in more of the cake they offered when I arrived. And secondly, similar to returning home from a hospital after being pumped with anaesthetic, perhaps it's a good idea to have someone accompany you on the way home after. I walked out of the hotel feeling so relaxed, in a dream like state that I almost got ran over twice! 

I was a bit disappointed that the nature of the treatment meant I couldn't get full use of Spa facilities, like it stated on my gift voucher. The oils from the massage are supposed to stay on the skin  for 24 hours after for maximum effect, so I wasn't able to enjoy the sauna or showers. Boooo. It was also mega harsh to see people paying half the price for a facial with a TravelZoo offer, being offered lunch by the staff - Ah, all I think about is food!

Anyway, it was an all round brilliant experience, very thankful to work for such a thoughtful company :) I can't recommend having a massage at The Grand any more. Sure enough I've come home with a program of all their offerings. A facial is next on the list!