When Fifi met Sally #3: Santa's on his way

When Fifi met Sally // Cute Christmas decoration gift

Ever wondered how Santa gets around all these millions of houses in just a night? No it's not because he's on a measly sled. He's on a kick-ass rocket, duhh... looking as handsome as ever might I add.

Seriously though, how sweet is this decoration? My rioja-lovin' legend Sally-cheeks sent him (along with piles of my favourite Lindt chocolate) in the post last week as a special Christmas gift. Isn't she a dream? I don't know why but I want to call him Santa-Joe, he looks like a Santa-Joe, doesn't he? what a corker this lad is. 

When Fifi met Sally // Cute Christmas decoration gift

It's hard to come by decorations that fit in so well with hoards of pound shop baubles, but Santa-Joe is king of the decs on my tree, I'm already getting excited about finding him amongst the tangled lights come next year; I'll instantly recall fond memories of reading (and bursting with laughter) Sally's witty words. I might even go against all odds and put him in place of the star on top, start a new Santa-Joe tradition. 

All this postal pen-palling has been such a delight to end the year on, I can't wait to write Sally more letters and post each other even more weird and wonderful trinkets in 2014, and lord knows all the years to come. Here's to the new year and belly loads of wine, Sal!

If you haven't settled on a New Year's resolution just yet, why not start your own penpalship with your favourite blogger? 

It's always such a surprise when the postman drops off a wee bundle covered in Sally's sweeping handwriting- I start squealing like a little girl. 

That's probably it from me until well after Christmas Day, I've scheduled in a food-induced coma for the next 2 or 3 days, so wherever you are in the world I wish you the merriest Christmas ever, ok?

Have a great one :)

Oh, and go pay Sally a little visit and shower her with Merry Christmasses. The girl is amazing. 

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