How to bake yum golden syrup & honey flapjacks (in a blender!)

So these bad boys don't essentially look the part, but I think I found another Fifi special. I was once famed for my dark chocolate and raspberry brownies, but my new speciality this year is a cupboard-cocktail of golden syrup, honey and porridge oat flapjacks. They're absolutely delectable, I kid you not. And better, the recipe is completely fool proof, costs a fraction of the price (and tastes every bit as nice) as Marks & Sparks flapjacks, taking the best part o' 20 minutes.

Stuff you'll need (bakes 8 hefty flapjacks):

250g porridge oats
50g butter
2tbsp vegetable oil
125g brown/caster sugar
3/4tbsp golden syrup (the more the juicier)
2tbsp honey

Get this. Whack all of the above in a blender in any order, pump the power button for a bit (don't over mix) scoop it out into a deep tray that's been greased or lined and bung it in a pre-heated oven at 180degrees for 20-25mins. Then bobs your uncle. Warm flapjacks ready to eat with a big cuppa tea.

They really are that simple, cheap, and yum. Just don't go telling everyone my secret recipe ;)

Any ideas on what I should bake next? I need some baking inspo!

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