Wonderful Wednesdays #1: Bluebird Tea Co. & a lotta love for gatherings

Bluebird Tea Co. Brighton bloggers event

One of my blog crushes Sally Tangle introduced me to Wonderful Wednesdays - a series to document all the wee things that made you smile during the week. The weeks fly past us so quick these days that it's important to take a step back and remember all the things you've achieved - or in my case usually, procrastinated over ;)

Thought I'd join in with you Sal, hope you don't mind me copying away! 

The highlight of my week (as the case with most weeks) was surprise, surprise, my Friday night. It wasn't your average night in with Chicken fajitas, hair scraped back and a box full of nobbly bobbys as per usual - myself and the Brighton blogger crew were invited down to the newly launched Blackbird Tea Co. in Brighton to, wait for it..... blend our own tea. 

Just. Wow. 

Bluebird Tea Co. Brighton bloggers event

Bluebird Tea Co. Brighton bloggers event

With a self-confessed addiction to camomile tea, you can imagine how giddy I was being handed the reigns to brew my own. And to learn an obscene amount about all kinds of tea from green, black to Jasmine and Silver Needle too? I was in my element. 

We were unbelievably spoilt with Strawberry Lemonade and Mojitea cocktails (like, oh my God, you've never tasted anything like it, cocktails) freshly baked cupcakes and a room full of the finest & friendliest tea experts you'll ever meet - oh and a cute little dog with an awesome sense of style ;) - tried to get a selfie with him but he licked my face. 

Bluebird Tea Co. Brighton bloggers event

Blogging about tea :)

I came away with so many ideas for creating flavoured iced teas with different fruits - can't wait to start bashing them out once the sun rears it's head and we have an excuse to eat nothing but ice cream... but what I'm most thankful for, was being introduced to MATCHA! 

With a bit of an *allergy* (more like me just being a pussy) to caffeine, where it makes me literally go off the rails overactive & palpitate, hard. Matcha is a slow releasing derivative of green tea. It's a ground powder, packed full of anti-oxidants that releases caffeine much slower than a coffee that makes you crash. Perfect for the more delicate amongst us ;)

Blending my own tea at Bluebird Tea Co.

I've been making up a shot of Bluebird Tea Co.'s Super Matcha to sip on with sugar every morning, and I feel so much more alert and ready to start the day. 

Highly recommend it. I'll be adding Matcha powder to smoothies for breakfast (once I buy myself a smoothie maker that is!) to kick start the day. In fact, if you want to try your own Bluebird Tea Co. are offering Brighton bloggers & their readers 20 % off any Matcha related product on their site. Use the code: FifiMcMatcha 

Seriously addicted, and yep. Here's an obligatory shot of me in all my glory mixin' up my tea - Camomile, Lavender, Peppermint & Rose Petals which I like to call 'Fifi's Concoction' and tastes every bit as dreamy as it sounds. I'm a natural, pah ha. 

Blending my own tea at Bluebird Tea Co.

What's been the highlight of your weeks? Join in the Wonderful Wednesdays tag :)

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