Do you love lists as much as I do? You'll love this

I honestly can't get enough of lists. I use 3 tools for productivity and list making that I thought I'd share with you.

The first is Trello

You've probably heard me talk about trello before in my 7 ways I'm making life better post, and here I am again recommending. This tool has changed my life. In short it's a digital to do list, but collaborative, simple to use and is useful for almost every project or plan. I use it for meal plans, blog plans, holiday ideas, itineraries,  event organisation (part of my full time job), and even financing. 

If you're a blogger too, it can be super hard to keep track of campaigns you're working on and items you've been asked to review. Trello is your best friend for this. Above is a sneak peek behind the scenes of Fifi McGee :)

The second is Google Keep

I stole this from Neil's productivity tips. Do you ever find yourself chatting with friends and things pop up in conversation that you make a mental note to google later, but end up forgetting what the title of the book was, or what the song was called? Everyone needs this app in their life. Capture everything you think about and save it for later on little post it notes that syncs with desktop and mobile versions. 

Never let ideas get lost in translation again :)

The final one is Lyst

Imagine how simple it would be if you could just search 'tan leather backpack' into one search bar and it pulls in results from your favourite brands (rather than dodgy websites or ebay shops when you type into google) - Lyst is the perfect web app for this. You follow all of your favourite shops - like H&M, Topshop, Zara etc and create mini wishlists of items you love that compliment each other. It's new to me, but so far it's been a breeze to use. I've even considered sharing my lysts with friends or family for Christmas & birthdays.

Take my 'fifi's festival faves' lyst for example, you can see it/shop it here. I want to wear more boho-cultured festival vibe outfits this summer that are comfy and keep me cool without baring all to the world so I started a lyst full of mid length skirts, crop tops and sunnies to channel festival chic from my fave shops. Now all I have to do is save and spend :)

Anyway, I hope sharing these has helped feed your penchant for list making. If you have any tools I need to know about, share all @fifimcgeee - you can never have enough productivity apps!