Things to do in Brighton: Farmer's Market

Me & my personal photographer (ha!) took a trip to the Brighton Farmer's Market recently. There are weekly stalls set up every Wednesday in Churchill Square, but every 4th Sunday there's a big hoo-har event down by the Brighton Pavilion. It makes for such a nice Sunday day out. You can eat your way out of the "Sunday feeling".

I stupidly went there hungry, so walked around salivating for the duration of the day. Especially at the cake stalls. Seeing all the amazing cakes ignited my desire to become an epic baker, so we went home and made yorkshire puds from scratch. That rainbow whopper below made me gasp, apparently they use separate tins and forge it all together once it's baked, crazy!

Have a gander at these photos Neil snapped, but prepare to drool.

Lovely images by Neil W. Shaw Photography