11 Ingenious IKEA home Hacks… Available on Amazon!

An unholy alliance has been formed, threatening to remove those coins from our pockets! That’s right IKEA have joined forces with Amazon (and Amazon Prime)! I know, Fi and I had no idea either.

As of writing this post, IKEA are ‘testing’ selling via the Amazon website.

“Woah!” we hear you exclaim!

It seems to be still in its infancy – not a huge amount of products are available yet but there are some very clever home solutions at bargain IKEA prices.

It’s true. With IKEA you either ‘love to hate it’ or you ‘hate to love it’ but you just can’t deny that their stuff is pretty nifty sometimes! Whatever it is about them…their products just seem to trigger a part of you that didn’t realise you needed it until you saw it.

Well this post is about to show you 11 ingenious IKEA ideas available to buy on Amazon… so if you don’t want to spend money on some smart ideas look away now.

…and if, like us, you don’t have an IKEA store local to you then this Amazon collaboration will certainly give you an added element of convenience.

11 ingenious IKEA home solutions that you can now buy on Amazon

ikea home hacks amazon
  1. Stand your phone or tablet hands-free with the Bergenes Wooden Phone Stand

This little contraption is exactly what you need for those moments when you need both hands, and your tablet or phone to stand up! It can be used for example when video calling, when watching a long video, for recipes when cooking. And it keeps the device all nice and sturdy - only £4 too, genius!

ikea home hacks amazon

2. No nails needed! These hooks with suction cups are perfect for hard surfaces like tiles and mirrors

Modern-look hooks that suck onto flat surfaces like tiles and glass, great for places like bathrooms for hanging bits and bobs like wash cloths, your shower squeegee or shower gel. If you’re hesitant to drilling holes in your tiles, these are the guys to buy.

ikea home hacks amazon

3. Maximise the space in your kitchen cupboards with the Ikea Variera cupboard insert

We lose so much storage space in kitchen cupboards when the height isn’t utilised. These slide in, slide out strong staging shelves are SO cheap and SO useful. Use them for bathroom, shed or bedroom cupboards staging too.

ikea home hacks amazon

4. No more fighting over plug space with the IKEA 3 port USB charger

With 3 handy USB ports per plug, you can charge your phone, your camera, and your tablet all with one power point.

Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 19.57.49.png

5. Organise every drawer in your home with the IKEA Set of 6 Boxes Organiser

How many times have you gone to that drawer, only to spend 3 minutes tearing your hair out trying to find something, ending up with everything all over the place and then making it even harder to find anything next time? This is the solution to your woes.

Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 20.01.47.png

6. Finally, affordable garden/shed shelving! The Galvanised IKEA Hyllis Shelving Unit

Your garage, shed or loft is crying out for this absolutely perfect shelving unit. Store tools, boxes, paint tins and with nice clearance for those larger items too. It’s galvanised metal too so no saggy or rusty shelves.

ikea home hacks amazon

7. Hanging stuff on walls just got easier (and cheaper) with the IKEA FIXA - 260-piece screw and plug set

If you’re forever doing trips to B&Q for screws and plugs whenever you want to hang something, get yourself this set to save you the time and effort. With multiple sizes, you’ll be all set. The screws are galvanised steel to protect against corrosion and when there are no screws and plugs left, you can use the box for storing small things - no single use plastics here!

ikea amazon home hack

8. Hang utensils, curtains, nets and shower curtains with the silent glide IKEA DIGNITET Curtain Wire

If you’re going for a minimalist look and love the idea of ‘silent glide’ window dressing then look no further for a curtain rail. Ideal for hanging lighter fabrics, or even use the clips to present your favourite photos!

Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 20.13.02.png

9. Dust, be gone! with this Pack of 2 Ikea Coir Door Mats

If your style is country or cosy and/or you’re sick of your door mat skidding about then you might want to pay attention. The backs of these door mats (yes there’s two in the pack) are latex so they will stay in place and save you from re-positioning every time you enter your house!

ikea home hacks amazon

10. Pack away last seasons clothes with the IKEA Under Bed Storage Organisation Unit

You have clothes you don’t wear all the time right? Use these handy containers from IKEA as storage under your bed, inside or on top of a wardrobe, or inside a drawer. What’s more is that they fold down when you’re not using them saving heaps of space.

ikea amazon home hacks

11. The all-you-need IKEA FIXA 17 Piece Tool Kit

A very good value for money tool kit with 17 pieces inside (screwdriver makes up a few of those). And whilst no one is going to build any houses with this, the kit will come in handy as a space-saving ‘indoors’, substitute kit for those times when everyone is too lazy to go out to the garage! Might this even make jobs around the house get done quicker? Maybe!

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Happy IKEA hunting!

Neil and Fifi xoxo